Motivational: CrossFit Never Fails to Make Me Smile (Regardless of the Pain)

I have been doing CrossFit for pretty much 8 months now. My brother started the hype (he’s a beast now after several years), Mr. T. joined in the fun a little later and then he got me all excited about this “CrossFit thing” (as some people like to call it and that’s actually the first thing that makes me grin each time). I have never been in more pain after a workout.


Well, and I have never felt better. This is exactly what this type of sport does - it’s giving you a good kind of pain that only motivates you. In the past 8 months, CrossFit never failed to make me smile and I came to reflect upon why that has been the case - and will be in the future. 

The Variety

No two days are the same. Of course, elements of CrossFit repeat but the structure of a session and the order we carry them out are different every single workout. And so are the WODs (short for ‘workout of the day’) at the end of a training unit. 

The Community

The community in CrossFit is one of its kind. It’s my social hub. Not only does the enthusiasm for heavy weights, different gymnastic elements and seeking of overcoming limits forge a bond between the athletes that train together in a so-called ‘box’, but the community goes beyond that - geographically seen. When in other countries or cities, there’s always a box somewhere and one is welcome to drop-in for a workout. Ideally, one brings a T-Shirt from one’s home box. 

The Post-WOD (Workout of the Day) Feeling

The workouts are different. Sometimes, they are more strength-centered and sometimes it’s all about stamina. No matter what type of workout it is, when I am doing it, I oftentimes reach a point when I feel so done that I think I can’t continue. But I’ve learned to push myself beyond what I though would be my limit. 

It’s Measurable

You not only see but feel the effects of CrossFit. Just think about it: With continuous practice come more reps, heavier weights. That is something that is undoubtedly measurable - and thus personal improvement.

Every-Day Life Improvement (Functional Movements)

The prime idea behind CrossFit technically is to improve one’s overall fitness and incorporate certain elements into a daily routine. This starts with picking up stuff from the ground and doing this in a healthier manner, aka with a straight back or, for instance, walking up the stairs without breathing heavily … and so on and so forth. I can simply feel the effects. 

Working On What I Am Not Too Skilled In Yet

It’s a fact: CrossFit consists of many different elements and unless you’re a super talent, you won’t be skilled in all of them right away. But working on weak spots will always help - naturally. Every little baby step towards a better performance in a certain discipline helps to put a smile on my face. 

The Moment I Realize I’ve Gotten Stronger in General

This is probably the best feeling and result of the former. Hard work always pays off. I assume we all can agree on this one. 

The Pain Is Temporary, The Gain Stays

I believe this is only natural. This certain pain is needed in order to get better - and new skills always boost my confidence. 

The More I Give, The More I’ll Gain

Need I say more?

Never Has Shaky Felt So Good

This one speaks for itself: workouts are hard, weights are heavy and there eis literally no way that you can leave a box not feeling your muscles. Yet, it feels so good, for it reminds me that I have indulged in another round of training - and have made one baby step closer to improving my overall CF skills.

CrossFit is continuous work and determination - and then, eventually, progress shows. It’s the little baby steps I am taking but once I come to a point when I realize how much of a big step I have taken, I couldn’t be happier. 

I am getting there, slowly but surely and the fun’s always high on the priority list…

…regardless of the pain. 

Shoutout to CrossFit Deluxe in Leipzig, my ‘home’, where everything began and I have come to find new limits - and go beyond. 

And a little note at the end: CrossFit is definitely not a rehab sport and our coach makes sure we do everyhing with the right technique to minimize the risk of injuries. If I can recommend one kind of sport, I’ll always choose this one. It has spurred my thirst to get better. 

My CrossFit ‘home’ will always be CrossFit Deluxe in Leipzig. Folks are great and my coach spurred my thirst for getting better, stronger, faster. I’ve already looked up two boxes where I will be moving for a fixed term next week. New challenges, team spirit and limits (that will hopefully be overcome) await. 

Have you tried CrossFit before or are you an avid cross fitter? What do you love about this sport?