Morning Walk at the Coast: Morro Bay, CA


You might know by now that I have this thing for early mornings, when barely any soul is awake yet, and I can grab myself a cuppa to start the day in peace and quiet. 

Rickey and I arrived in Morro Bay the evening before. A quaint little town in San Luis Obispo County, where it rains quite a bit and so the landscape is lush green. Being further up North in California also meant lower temperatures this time of the year. It was this type of weather that requires you to bundle up and get a   pair of light gloves out. 

We stayed at the Bayfront Inn, an unpretentious Inn with, in my opinion, a lot of charm. We took Rocco man on our little roadtrip, so our accommodation being dog-friendly was a plus (and must, for that matter). 

The only downside: soft beds. I mean, super soft. Throughout the past year I figured the only way to go were firm mattresses. My back specifically couldn’t handle the level of softness and was not amused. And so it happened that, more or less unintentionally, we all (incl. Rocco) were wide awake at 6 am, as it was basically still dark outside, and ready to bounce. 

Fair enough. “Let’s embrace the day!” I suggested and 5 minutes later, bundled up in a double layer of sweatpants and a couple hoodies (when you don’t own a thicker jacket because you live in SoCal), we found ourselves standing outside of our room, with the loveliest of morning views, Morro Rock gracefully standing in the distance. 

The view from that location is a winner. 

We started walking, me putting my camera to work, as we were inhaling the fresh, crisp morning air, listening to the sound of the sea lions in the bay – and there are quite a few.  

We walked towards the pier. 

You know what Morro Bay also has?


Cuteness alert: These little ones are so adorable. So cute in fact, that, when I saw those that morning, a high-pitched “Ohh my gaaaaawd!” slipped out of my mouth.

We stood there for a little while watching these furry cuties float around, holding hands. Once they have found their partner in crime, they stick with each other for life. How adorable is that?

I mean, COME ON! ^ (Alright, I’ll stop.)

We strolled along the pier, taking it all in, enjoying the fact that we could take it absolutely easy, no rush at all. Those early morning hours by the coast are unbeatable. A rush of excitement and pure happiness was overcoming me. 

Life is not bad. If you see it that way: It’s all about the attitude and putting things in perspective. 

That particular morning, I was one happy gal (minus the back issues, but that’s okay – “in perspective”). 

The one was smiling; the other one not so much. I guess the little bird on the other side was concerning him too much. Rocco knows how to pull off a sorrowful look. 

As the sun was slowly rising, we greatly enjoyed the peaceful, calm atmosphere in this small town, where residents are pretty much the age group of retirees. Just my place (guess I am getting old myself). 

I couldn’t stop watching the little otters. 

Sorry, but seeing these otter couples float around in the bay was probably the sweetest thing I have seen in a while. 

As the sun was slowly coming up behind the horizon, Morro Rock was tinted in pink-ish light. 

Both the three smokestacks from an old power plant that is not in use anymore and Morro Rock, which is a tiny part of a huge volcano active millions of years ago, are the two major landmarks. 

Someone was also getting up early. 

We had three full days ahead of us. Three days of spending a lot of time outside. Three days exploring another little town along the California coast. And three days to completely shut off – literally. I wanted to forget the everyday life and thus decided to not look at my phone throughout the day, heck, not even take it with me. I know it, I admit it: I am guilty of being on my phone way too much. And it stresses me out. Everything that comes with it. All too often, it’s toxic and I need to detox. Sure enough, now was the time – and that morning couldn’t have started off more perfect. More actively, consciously and mindfully experiencing the moment and life around me – that’s what I wanted. 

And you know what? Damn, it felt good. I had no desire whatsoever to post pictures on Instagram or tweet my heart out. None of that. I just wanted to be with my favorite people (this incl. Rocco as a people-dog) instead of documenting what I was doing.

We stopped at Sun ‘n Buns Bakery where we got our caffeine fix and a little sweet treat before breakfast. The latte was exceptionally good. I have found myself become more picky these days when it comes to coffee. 

The bay, as opposed to the beachy area on the other side, seemed so calm. 

A rough ocean environment, a frosty breeze, the smell of the salty sea, and a cup of good, hot coffee in my hands is all I need for a perfect morning – and my two men, naturally.

As Morro Bay was slowly but surely awaking, we trotted back to the Inn for breakfast. 

Little did I know how this day should unfold…(and I leave this for another, personally very exciting, post.)