Mission Bay: “Let’s go for a walk on the water!”

Sunsets in San Diego are one of a kind. Experience them while being on the water and you’ll be hooked in an instant. 


After having finished our rather easy and quick hike around the Cabrillo National Monument - we were still high from our morning’s skydiving session -, the fun continued and next on was paddle boarding. You know, just something more relaxed than surfing, obviously. 

We went over to Mission Bay Sports Center around 4.30 pm ish and took advantage of the last hour of the day that we could actually go out and stand-up-paddle (SUP) around the bay. 

I had never done that before but SUP is honestly super easy. It might be a little wobbly at first, I am not going to lie, but you’ll soon get the hang of it and glide through the water - more ore less graceful. 

Mine was the ‘rather less graceful’ version but I was lucky enough to not tip over and join the jellyfish. 

The more time I spent on the board, the braver I got. 

^ ’Look mom, no hands.’ Not that I would need them anyway. 

Matt was taking the lead while Aly and I were still busy with taking pictures, freezing memories, of course. 

We got into fooling around and generally had a great time making our circles in the bay. 

I know, I know, you might probably think that this is super boring and it’s definitely not the most adventurous of all sports. It’s more like ‘going for a walk on the water’, as Aly put it. 

But after a real adrenaline rush in the morning, a hike and being up on our feet all day basically, this is exactly what we needed. 

I was getting the hang of it…Mr. Burt paddling slightly faster than us me.

^ As I mentioned…not that graceful but also no nose dive, so that I consider a big plus. 

The sun was slowly but surely starting to set, making for a great photo location. 

Obviously - and we surely don’t want to forget about that - Matt showed off his skills.

^ It’s a shame we don’t have proof…but the nose dive a second after this picture has been taken looked fabulous, as well. 

We enjoyed ourselves and paddled into the sunset. 

An hour went by way too quickly and so we brought our boards back at 5.30 pm, having solid ground under our feet, once again.

We then jetted over to the beach where we arrived just in time for the sun to show off a couple more minutes, before sinking behind the horizon. 

Obviously, we were not the only ones being amazed by the golden-red hour. 

One last look…

and we all headed home as tiredness was kicking in.