London on a Sunny Day: How to Enjoy Your Time Outdoors

Thoroughly sunny days should be celebrated in London. Sure, there are many days when the sun’s out, but the weather usually changes quickly. Therefore, you should make the most of a sun-drenched day in England’s metropolis. Those days bring out the best in Londoners and the city exudes an atmosphere that is simply vibrant. Everyone seems to be in a good mood and is seeking a happy dose of vitamin D. After you have settled into your comfy hotel room (why not the Holiday Inn London Mayfair?) dive right into London life.


Have Your Coffee or Tea Outdoors

Outdoor seating is much sought-after when the city is sun-kissed and there are many possibilities to find your seat outside. Head over to GAIL’s Bread in Kilburn, relax at Fleet River Bakery in Holborn or feel a little fancy at Cafe Continente in West Kensington. If you want to dive into the hustle and bustle of Camden town, check out The Coffee Jar. For more coffee outdoors, the Piece of Cake Cafe & More is your spot. For an Italian touch make your way to Bethnal Green for coffee à la Frizzante.

Embark on a Boat Tour

It’s nice to enjoy the sun from a boat and there are different boat toursto choose from. Cruising along the river Thames is great and allows a completely new perspective on London. One of my favorite cruises is the one from Westminster to Greenwich. It’s £16 for a return ticket but you get 1/3 off if you have an oyster card. For a fast, thrilling experience, book a tour on the RIB. If you join City Cruises for one day, you can hop on and off wherever you want to.

Spend Time at the Many Open Spaces

Richmond Park is the most natural park in London where you can literally touch deer. Get your blanket, book or a bunch of friends and spend the day there. You can also go horseback riding or golfing. It’s funny how it makes you feel as if London is far away. A more central alternative is Hyde Park, and you might even go further south-east to reach Greenwich Park. Just four miles away from the hustle and bustle is Hampstead Heath - a classic - where Parliament Hill allows stunning city views.

Skip the Tube and Rent a Bike

Before I came to London, I never thought I’d see anyone bike this city. I was wrong, as taking out your bike is oftentimes the fastest way. Rent a bike at one of the many docking stations in town and cycle through London. If you’ve had enough, simply look for another station. Alternatively, use your feet and walk. Sounds simple? I guess it is and you’ll sure see a new side of London. An inside tip is the Regent Canal walk.

If you think London is a lively city regardless of the weather, you haven’t experienced this metropolis on a real sunny day. Londoners get active and make the most of such days. There are various ways to take in vitamin D - whether it be on a bike, in a boat, or with a cup of coffee in your hands at one of the many coffee houses over town.

Calling all Londoners and those who have visited this city before: What is your favorite thing to do on a thoroughly sunny day in London town?

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