LIFE UPDATE: A Crazy, Unpredictable Marathon


I figured the title would be accurate. Boy, I am so awfully behind with everything concerning this blog. I missed a #USLiving and #SundayGratitude post (but in fact, there is a lot to be grateful for), as well as a long Tuesday post. Well, and I tell you what: I will most likely miss tomorrow’s #USLiving post. If you are actually regularly checking back on this site, you might be bummed that I am more than off schedule – and I do apologize for that. But, believe me when I say life has just recently taken a wonderful turn. This itself is worth a post.

I am completely off schedule because of a rollercoaster of emotions and my mind that is just focused on one thing. Well, and then there is also the hot wedding planning phase, which keeps me rather busy, also. Just saying. But that’s a topic for another post. 

Now, let me start from the beginning…or something like that. 

I am sitting here with a glass of wine, listening to Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect”, trying to organize my thoughts. My new pumpkin apple scented candle is flickering and burning on the counter and it smells heavenly - heavenly like fall. Did I mention I am a sucker for fall? If you’re a regular on this site, you will nod and say “I know, you love fall. It’s your season. Also, you are a redhead.” Sure it is, sure I am. Just having lived in San Diego for almost two years means that actual, real fall is something I have not experienced in, well - 2 years almost. 

(My writing flow definitely seems to be better with wine. Not even kidding I have so many things in my head right now and so many directions I could take this post into that it is pretty overwhelming. God, this writing is all over the place already. Stop right here if you only like very coherent blog posts - because this is not one of them.)

So, two years ago…

I left Germany with one suitcase. Not knowing what the future would hold. Fast forward and A LOT of things that happened - the good, the bad, the ugly, and absolutely wonderful - I can say that AFTER 5 AND A HALF MONTHS I FINALLY received my official work and travel authorization!!! Wohooo!! America, thank you so much for allowing me to be an active member of society, contributing to the land of the free. Sometimes, I sit outside in the backyard, pondering. What actually happened in the past two years? Maybe I should write a book. I know, there’s lives out there that are by far more exciting than mine but honestly, this is crazy. Only “almost” two years have passed but I have made such a great jump job wise and in regards to my personal life - life with my husband here in San Diego. 

Completely mind-blown right now. 

It’s just all so crazy. I cannot even put into words how I feel. This all is so surreal. 

When the mail from immigration got delivered on Saturday - I was about to leave the house to meet a friend for some shopping and returning the second pair of shoes I bought a few days before and that I thought could be potential wedding shoes (kept one pair though, so I do have my church wedding shoes, don’t need two pairs, though). I was a sobbing mess! Our two doggies were looking at me like “WTF, mom. Keep it together. What’s actually happening right now?” 

I called my parents in the middle of the night in Germany (actually, my dad was grumpily answering the phone, my mom slept right through but his mood brightened pretty quickly) to spread the news we’d been waiting for for seemingly forever. Rickey was under water at that point, diving with the fishies. 

The whole permanent residency process just reached an important milestone, but we are not done yet. 

However, this travel permit means that after almost two years of not having visited home I can finally go. After a few obstacles, Rickey’s leave got approved and we will be flying east in t minus four weeks!! EEEEKKKK!!! I am so excited. 

I - we - are building our life together here. The states have become home for me  and, considering the fact that I am still in the immigration process, I pray that it will be officially home in the near future. However, I realized all too often in the past almost-two-years how important my little family back in Germany is for me. Always will be. Maybe even more so that I live on another continent. NOW, I can finally visit them - and take Rickey with me. CRAZY! This will give me such a different perspective on my home town. Bascially, I am trying to see it through his eyes. Four more weeks and we will be on a plane. It finally is happening. OH, and one (silly) thing I am, apart from many others, looking forward to is wearing my boots and actually bundling up if only for 9 days. It will be so special. Because real fall - in my understanding - is in full swing. 

At home, nothing will have changed. Yet, my life has changed so drastically, that I will most likely see so many things differently. Maybe not. Fact is, I CANNOT wait. 

Life is a crazy, unpredictable marathon. And it holds surprises, good ones, just when you’re at a point where you might get uneasy. 

I promise I will get back on my Tuesday-Friday-Sunday posting schedule shortly. Bear with me!

I am finishing my wine here. Rickey will be home any minute. The house smells like fall. Man, life is good…