Life Is Like a Box of Chocolate - and Grandma’s Strawberry Cake


I started writing this post on Monday morning, but until now haven’t had the chance to finish it. You know…life. 

It is early Monday morning, I am sitting in my lounge chair that I bought a few weeks ago; it’s in my small creative-yogi-work room (as I like to call it). I lit a good smelling yankee candle that is called “celebration”- how ironic. It’s still relatively quiet (relatively) and these peaceful morning hours are what I personally need to reflect upon life. I better hurry with my coffee as it gets cold (I seem to forget to drink it these days – too much thinking in the meantime). The most life changing week of my life has begun - and I am probably not even exaggerating at this point. 

I came to the U.S. almost one and a half years ago. Specifically San Diego was one blank page, a chapter that had yet to be written, empty pages that needed to be filled.

Fast forward - 16 months later - and I am seeing myself prepare for…my wedding! Umm, say what? Yes, you heard it right. As the title of this post says: “Life is a box of chocolate.” You never know what you get - but it is most likely to be something beautiful (one way or another). In this case, life threw a whole bunch at me. San Diego, people that I have come to appreciate so very much, personal and professional growth - as well as the man I never even thought existed. We are perfect for each other. 

Little did I know even a year ago that my life would completely change. Like - COMPLETELY. I will write the whole “how we met and how things came along” post another time, but just so much: We met, we clicked, he unexpectedly fell on his knee - and here we are now . CRAZY!

I get this warm fuzzy feeling deep down inside, with a lot of butterflies in my stomach. I cannot help but smile when thinking about all the smaller and bigger adventures ahead of us. Everything happened so quickly; he turned my world upside down. I was preparing to go back home to Germany, just as I was supposed to; we were trying to figure something out. And then he decided to make the move and pop the question. Apparently, he wanted to keep me close (not complaining, just to get this straight here, haha). Everything was so overwhelming that weeks after the proposal passed and until I wrapped my head around all this and specifically what it would mean, I started telling my close friends back home.

Everything was so quick, but feels so unbelievably right. I believe we can all agree that when something feels absolutely right, one should go for it. He did. We did. Soon, it will be literally everything “together”. Forever

This “forever” part gives me a rush of excitement. It is a little bit of a shame though that so much is going on around that, that I have hardly had time to just sit down in peace and quiet and reflect upon everything; to turn inward and just soak it all in, this wonderful pre-wedding spectacle. Now, a day before the BIG day, I am feeling it. It gets so real. With some trouble here and there that mainly concerns myself (talk about a fiery German redhead), as well as emotions going bonkers, I have it under control. Maybe not. But that’s what I keep telling myself. 

Now, yesterday (Tuesday), my mom and grandma flew into San Diego. MY GRANDMA! Man I could not have been more thrilled to see her after such a long time. She hasn’t changed. At all. I LOVE having her here and I truly, truly appreciate the fact that she embarked on this long haul flight to see her granddaughter get married. What a teary welcome it was last night. 

And just as life that is a box of chocolate, specifically her being here is like home-made strawberry cake: so sweet! She flew everything over here, all the German baking ingredients and she and my mom are most-likely getting down in the kitchen of their rental apartment right now. It means so much to me and besides everything else going on, the roller coaster ride of emotions, things that don’t always go the way I would like them to, knowing that my mom and granny are in town and taking care of the rest now is priceless. 

I may get married, live on another continent, and start my own life - well, continue living my own life I should maybe say -, but this just doesn’t change how I feel about my family. On the contrary. I appreciate them so much more. It’s a whole lot of gratitude right here. 

Today, the weather is beautiful. San Diego is showing off and I hope it will continue to do so tomorrow. I am getting into the swing of things and only about 45 minutes away from getting out of work, all completed and ready for the next two days off - my adrenaline level is increasing. This afternoon, I will grab my rock Chels and we will treat ourselves. I just don’t want to think about anything else anymore, but our special day. It may all be a little unconventional for now and the big festivities to follow, but it will undoubtedly be a celebration. 

Brows done, nails done, getting my hair done tomorrow morning with Chels, after a coffee run. A new chapter of my life will start. It’s not just “me” anymore, but “us”. 

Do I want this? Oh yes, I do!

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