Leipzig Sightseeing: Tourist in My City

It was one of those perfect weekends spent in the city I have been living in for the past 6 months but that I haven’t really “seen” yet. Good friends from home came to visit and this we used as an opportunity to play the tourists in our city. It’s funny how this allowed a completely different perspective on Leipzig. 

View from the MDR Tower.

View from the MDR Tower.

We had a touristy tour on the agenda and - obviously one of the main reasons - wanted to show L. and R. a wider picture of Leipzig. Plus, I hadn’t been able to see many parts of town myself and so T. and I. literally jumped on the bandwagon. 

The breeze in our face and messy hair, we were taking our seats on the upper deck of the coach to be able to get a few snaps. Bummer that there was still a window but I tried my best!

Wanna join the tour?

Okay, one thing first: I am warning you, as this might not be the most spectacular tour you’ve ever done but although this is not my “dream” city (I know it’s only temporary), I came to realize that Leipzig is indeed not the worst place to live, on the contrary. Well, and if you decide to join us now, you’ll be rewarded with a stunning view. I promise. Deal?

Great, then let’s go!

A first attraction is the Augustusplatz. 

It’s also where the renowned MDR (Central German Broadcasting) Tower is. 

The building you see on the right is part of the university. i personally find it quite impressive. 

The Goerdelerring is - besides the main station - the central transfer station.

Another beautiful building is the new town hall (we will see it again shortly). 

Next on: destination “zoo”. Leipzig has one of the best zoos in Germany. It’s still on the list (mainly to see whether those animals are kept in a near-natural environment, kind of). 

Awesome, the clouds are disappearing and the sun is peeing out, slowly but surely. I hope you don’t regret that you have joined us so far?

As we are crossing a little bridge, you see a small river to your right. 

In Leipzig, you’ll find many creeks and stretches of water. Generally, it’s a pretty green city especially because of the huge Clara-Zetkin-Park. It’s perfect for runs, a quality-time stroll or picnic with friends. Be aware, it’s buzzing in the summer months!

There is also a side of Leipzig that reflects olds times and reminds us about the former German Democratic Republic (DDR). Grey industrialized huge apartment blocks. Well, that’s history and present both at the same time. 

We are now passing by the so-called “Bayerischer Bahnhof” (freely translated, this means Bavarian railway station). This was built in 1842 and is known as the oldest stub end terminal. It closed in 2001. Part of it is now a restaurant. 

On your right, you see - once again - the new town hall. Where did the sun go?

Yes, finally, we’ve made it to the famous “Völkerschlachtdenkmal” (Battle of Leipzig Memorial), which apparently is the biggest on in the whole wide world. 

“The most beautiful one in the world.”

Once you have overcome the 364 stairs, you’ll be rewarded with a wonderful 360° view on Leipzig. The memorial is quite impressive. Just look at the people. See how small they are compared to it? The Völkerschlachtdenkmal was built in remembrance to the bloody battle of Leipzig in 1813. It’s about 91 meters high. 

Let’s get touristy. I hope you don’t mind taking a snap. 

Wanna stop for a snack real quick before we jump on the bus again? I’ll have a coke. What about you?

There we are! This is where we’ll finish off our tour.

Did I promise too much?

The MDR Tower sure is one of my favorite spots here in Leipzig. Being on top of it always makes me realize what a green city Leipzig actually is.

Watching the city lights from above is something I’ll happily do. 

“You are confined only by the walls you build yourself.” 

- Andrew Murphy

This quote somehow comes to my mind when seeing a city from above. There’s so much out there, so much that we personally have yet to discovers - and it starts with the little things, the own backyard, so to speak. However, we should follow the path that appeals to us the most. It’s this one life and being old and grey at some point thinking about whether I was following my heart and then coming to the conclusion there was so much I missed out on would be very disappointing. I don’t want to build my own walls and if I do from time to time, I wish I have the courage to simply climb over on the other side and go from there. Don’t you agree?

We’re on top of the world now! You might not have it in your hands but you sure have a good view on it. Well, Leipzig for now but it isn’t too bad.

It was great having you around! I hope you enjoyed it. 

Tourist bus tour: Yay or nay? What’s your opinion on that? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.