La Jolla Cove Treat

La Jolla is literally San Diego’s jewel by the sea


The coastline is stunning and the surrounding very natural. It’s also a very famous beach and surf destination and apparently - I haven’t experienced it myself, though -, the microclimate up there is very pleasant, as temperatures don’t exceed 90 degrees in the summer and don’t drop below 50s in the winter months. What else could you possibly want?

The best part about it: It’s less than a 20 minute drive from where I live. Jackpot!

A day after Christmas, Annelie took me up to La Jolla Cove. It’s very beautiful and the small beach is surrounded by cliffs, which is also a marine reserve.

So, in the morning, I grabbed my sunnies and hopped in the car - and off we went along the coast. Vacation feel at its finest. 

Oh wait, I actually live here now! I still haven’t realized that completely, I guess. 

we drove through Pacific Beach and I couldn’t help but wonder if the weather would literally always be like this (of course, it isn’t but I really shouldn’t complain about not having too many sun-filled days). 

After a nice drive along the coast we arrived in La Jolla. It’s nestled in a dramatic, picturesque coastline and in the south, there’s Pacific Beach; north of the jewel lies Torrey Pines, the state reserve that I haven’t seen yet. 

La Jolla is very beautiful but also not comparable to Ocean or Pacific beach. The latter are definitely not as ‘upscale’ as La Jolla, if I should put it like that. 

Annelie and I parked the car and were almost blown away when leaving it. Boy, it was windy up there. 

But the minute I stepped out of the car, I realized why it’s called the jewel by the sea

I was personally very surprised to see seals so close by. You know, they just chill there, on the doorstep of a big city. Amazing. 

Wildlife here in San Diego - or I should maybe generalize and say in California at large - is incredible. 

I think I’ve never been that close to pelicans that just peacefully let the snap happy crowds pass. 

I believe this little guy must have lost a little bit of orientation - or maybe it just wanted to take a break from its buddies, who knows. 

And there’s another one enjoying some ‘me time’. 

After having soaked in the salty air for a while and having gotten messy hair, which is certainly what happens when you live on the seaside of life, we were walking back to the main street. 

Wicked expensive, yet I couldn’t get around: a white-chic-peanut-butter flavored treat. OHH, yes. 

There’s more! 

It’s not like it was hard making a decision or so, you know. 

Sweet, sweet San Diego!

Christmas by the sea - not such a bad thing. Different, but definitely something I can easily get used to. 

We drove back along the coast, once again, and stopped for a bit to see the waves crashing against the rocks. 

One could think the world’s okay here. 

Utterly peaceful. Maybe it is?

San Diego, I can’t get enough of you.