Into the Woods

IMG_4149 2.JPG

I cannot really explain what it is, but there is something so amazingly soothing about being out in the woods, surrounded by nature at its purest. The world around us is getting so busy and we get trapped into a routine that makes us go more efficiently, faster, more goal-oriented. But especially by being more focused on the latter, we forget to pause for a moment, look around us, and just be still. It sounds so simple, but it’s what we all – what I – need. 

Just getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city, embracing serenity and not being afraid of being alone in a quiet environment is the best way to re-charge – so I have found this to be true for myself. 

Listening to the birds twittering somewhere in the distance, hearing the cracking sound of the leaves and small branches as I walk, and feeling the light breeze on my face helps me to be solely present in the moment, be still, find inner peace. It’s as if the energy is blown back into my body, as I fill my lungs with fresh, crisp air. 

We need those moments of peace, whether it be to re-connect with ourselves, to balance our souls, spirits, and minds, or to just simply give our bodies a break – a break from the fast-paced world we live in. 

I have come to realize how much of a different person I am, how much more calm and less stressed, how much more reflective and balanced I am when heading outdoors, away from the crowds. 

In peace and stillness I walk, experiencing life more mindfully through re-connecting with my inner self, starting to see the beauty of this world around me. 

Where do you like to go to just shake off the stress and relax for a while?