INTERVIEW: Get to know Justin of True Nomads

It is time for a new, fresh interview with another travel blogger. Today, you’ll get to know Justin, the writer behind True Nomads. He believes that traveling is a lifestyle and thus not just a vacation as many people believe. He has been traveling to numerous corners on earth since 2010 - this is when he sold all his possessions to chase his dream of being part of this world, of making the most of this life. Ready, set…learn a little more about nomad Justin.

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How long have you been blogging for / why have you started your blog?

I’ve been blogging for almost two years. I started the blog because I wanted a source of income that was location independent, and I heard of people doing it. I didn’t care how much I made as long as it sustained my travels.

Has there been a situation that made you realize you have caught the travel bug and everything else except travelling the world would make you unhappy?

Ya I realize it all the time, when other opportunities pop up and I still choose to just wander around. Things like long term relationships. I’m not good at keeping those. My priorities stay at travel.

What kind of traveler are you / how do you fund your travels?

I’m a backpacker at heart. That means budget travel, go where I want, live like a local, things like that. Now my travels are funded by my blog, but before that I worked anywhere on the road I could, just to be able to keep on.

Is there one thing you never travel without?

My laptop I suppose, since I’m a blogger now. My backpack has also been with me all over the world and I’m attached to it. I also have a lucky Zippo lighter than I’ve had a long time. I’ve lost it in one part of the world more than once, and still found it again later somewhere else. I also travel with my blog mascot Stormy, that loves to photo bomb my picture-taking.

What do you like most about travelling?

The freedom. No one knows you when you arrive in a strange place, and no one can tell you what to do, what you should be doing, tell you to get a real job, things like that. I love being spontaneous and not having a plan.

What is your most memorable travel experience?

There are so many, but I guess I would have to choose getting dive certified in Mozambique or standing on top of Victoria Falls in Zambia or NYE in Rio. All are something to remember.

Have you had any bad experiences during your travels?

Quite frankly no, not really. If I have they were my fault, like running out of money and having to hitchhike dodgy areas, or things like that. But no, I’m pretty lucky.

Of all the places you have been to, is there one you like best? Why?

Thats impossible to answer. It’s like asking what your favorite movie is when you like so many. I do like warm places with nice beaches though. Places like Indonesia and Australia. Anywhere I can go diving or sit on a beach.

Have you been anywhere that turned out to be completely different from what you imagined?

Maybe Israel. You hear bad things in the news, but I thought it was a great backpackers country to visit. I don’t ussualy have much expectations for anywhere, because that would mean I planned things. So I’m not usually too surprised.

In your opinion, what’s the key to a successful, enriching travel experience?

To just surrender to the ways and cultures of the place. Don’t hold back. Give in to peer pressure and just go with it. You will experience some cool stuff.

Last but not least: What’s your advice for all the other adventure seekers out there?

Just go, and figure it out later. I started off on the road with $400 to my name, and haven’t returned home in four years. You find out quick that its very possible to sustain yourself on the road. And its all worth it for sure. 

About the Author

Justin Carmack is a travel blogger, divemaster and overall lover of freedom on the road. He sold his things and left home, trading his things for dreams. Dreams of seeing the world, and experiencing the things life has to offer. He has now been to 67 countries, 6 continents and countless life lessons. Follow his nomadic lifestyle on Twitter and Facebook