San Francisco Dreamin'

I want to be honest with you: I have been vivaciously living through my parents since last week. 


They are currently embarking on a little Cali tour - from North to South. It’s a strange feeling I had last Thursday as I knew that this was the day I could have hopped on a plane with them, as well.

My stomach was twisting and turning and all day long I was thinking: “They are in London now for a 5-hr layover. Oh, and now they have been on the plane to San Francisco for 3 hours already. Now, they have hopefully managed to kill the past 11 hours before finally setting foot on Cali ground…”

It was horrible as I was basically on that journey with them. Of course, this was all in my head. Naturally. 

Ironically, I was spending my day assisting students from all over Europe with their internship applications. Yup, it was one of those days when I was helping them to basically make their American dream come true. Well, if only for a few months. 

I had to laugh at myself. But I am really enjoying what I am doing at the moment. Working in an international environment is great. 

“You can’t have everything at once" a certain someone keeps telling me over and over again when I start being ungracious just because I had to cancel the flight and thus postpone my U.S. adventure for a few more months.

But sometimes, life requires you to make choices. "Oh really?” you might think. Yes. I had to face it. But you know what? It’s okay, because I will eventually sit on a plane to the U.S. - this year. 

Detours don’t necessarily have to be that bad, on the contrary. It’s something I stumbled into and that turned out to be the right decision as I will have a lot more opportunities in the long-run. I am trying to enjoy every single day and be positive in every respect. Sometimes, you simply have to change your perspective the slightest bit.

But until I will sit at the airport and wait to board my plane bringing me over the big pond…

I will (have to) dream of San Francisco. And that’s okay for now.

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