Hello 2018 (and all the EXCITING things happening)


Wow, hi there, 2018. Not even a full week into this new year and I can already say: full force and quite some big changes. 

I was meaning to write my 2017 recap but since I ended up being knocked out by the flu starting mid last week, I considered sleep and chicken noodle soup essential for recovery (granted, I wasn’t myself at all, so I wouldn’t have wanted to read a blog post by myself written during this “sick” time). 

So, instead of reminiscing about the past year, I am looking ahead on 2018 and wanted to give you a quick update on what’s to come, what you can expect. 

Here’s a quick overview. 


Here I am, (almost) back to normal (health) and literally having butterflies in my stomach because we’re only 10 days out until the church bells ring! Yay, yay, and YAY!! The moment girls dream of: walking down the aisle in the most special of dresses. It’s almost here and it hit me today. 

My parents fly in tomorrow and I am stinking excited. Also, some of my best German friends will be stateside for a while and celebrating with us. It’s going to be a crazy few weeks but SO much fun. Celebrating our love and beginning of a lifetime together with our best people from near and far will be priceless. 

(At some point, I will dedicate a whole post to Rickey and I’s unconventional international couple love story.)


Hopefully, our first trip this year will be no later than mid-February, out to Arizona. Ever since I went to Phoenix for the very first time (don’t even get me started on Sedona - gorgeous) I, for some reason, got super hooked on this state. I just love the vibes and honestly, I could totally imagine living there. You never know. Rickey and I, more or less seriously, talk about buying a condo out there. Who knows. Maybe this is the year.

Also, I would love to finally make it to the Grand Canyon and hit a couple more National Parks. 

Germany, of course, needs to be squeezed in this year also. We kind of promised my granny that we were going to come visit this summer. 


One big change is that I have decided to go full force for this blog business here and put a lot more time into both this, and into growing as a (semi-)professional writer. I have realized throughout the past years - with writing gigs here and there -, that there is a great potential for me but I need to have more time that I can invest in growing this travel and lifestyle writing business of mine, that is so near and dear to my heart. I have grown a lot when it comes to writing technique, clients, and the type of writing I like to do. I realized, that this is what fulfills me the most; it’s not just my creative outlet, it’s an actual passion. 

In that process, I have been doing a lot of reflection work, thinking about where I personally and professionally want to be in life, what fulfills me, what drives me, what I really need to live the happiest of lives. This was a total game changer and might manifest in 2018 and help me build this life I truly am excited to live to the fullest. 


With that being said…

I know, I know, this little pathetic and outdated blog space doesn’t really cut it when striving for actual business growth, I am well aware of that. But, as I have mentioned here and there, The Redhead Story is currently undergoing a major brand and website makeover. I am working with a coach, a designer and developer to make this space professional, beautiful - simply a cozy, feel-good hideaway for all those wanderlusters and coziness freaks out there (just like myself). 

Trust me, this is a huge project and has been going on for a while now, in the invisible background. But I have seen sneak peaks of design, logos and illustrations before and I cannot tell you just HOW FREAKING AWESOME this space will be. Forget this blog; The Redhead Story by Julia Bell will simply be wonderful - and I have to thank the amazing people of the Better Business Babe at that point, for getting me in the right mindset and making my dream of taking this blog a great step further reality. 

I am kind of taking the leap here, but I have always been one to say that change  is good, even though I don’t necessarily know what the outcome is. With faith and dedication, something good, one way or another, will happen. I just never want to ask myself “What if?”. 

I cannot wait for the launch of The Redhead Story (currently planned for mid- February ish) and sharing the results with you. Stay tuned as we are getting closer! Literally everything will change. 

So, short but sweet and a quick overview of what to expect. I just want to do a happy dance right now because I just have all the endorphins throwing a party. 

Thank you for being a part of this wonderful journey!

What are your big plans for 2018?

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