Hearty Breakfast and Colourful London

Day two was dawning. There were many things on our “To-See” list.

However, my personal motto is: a day can only be as good - or bad - as the breakfast one has. And this means: a nutritious, hearty and filling breakfast is essential for a perfect day.

I had a table reserved at a restaurant I found on Time Out London (I can literally spent ages on their web page looking for new things to try - there is just soo much one can do). I wasn’t sure if this breakfast club would be any good but: no risk, no fun. Dishoom the location is called and styles itself “A Bombay Café in London”.

Around 8.30 am, R. and I got moving. It was a beautiful morning.

One café is in Covent Garden, the other one is in Shoreditch. As I am personally in love with the atmosphere in Covent Garden I chose that one. A little selfish? Well, it is a nice place to be and I planned to show R. around anyway. This way, we were right on location. Thinking in a practical manner.

We gave Bombay a try and let me tell you: it was well worth it. Great food and perfect if you are on a budget.

The interior exudes a warm and comfy atmosphere inviting you to stay a little longer and start your morning right - and not just quickly bolt down the food in front of you.

The staff was very friendly and the food was served in an instant, yet freshly made. 

Find their breakfast menu


. R and I we both had Fresh Fruit and Yoghurt (the Vanilla yoghurt is yummy) and the Fire Toast on the side, served with jam. The Fire Toast definitely is a good alternative to ordinary, slightly boring toast.

As we both also wanted something hearty, we ordered the Egg Naan Roll which we shared.

Will you grant me a favour and order these if you ever have the chance to come here? Will you?

The ingredients are simple, yet the undefinable spice and combination makes this dish quite an adventure.

And as I am about to hail the food there, one more thing (you might wonder when the liquid part of the breakfast comes - here it is): Chocolate Chai.

Holy! Ever tried it before? I am a huge fan of Chai Latte but nothing beats the Chocolate Chai.

Alright, I stop right here; I am done glorifying the food. Go and convince yourself is all that remains to say. 

Moving on. R. and I had enough energy for the day and started walking around Covent Garden…

…inclusive of a contemplative excursion.

Afterwards, we were ready to dive into the hip streets of Camden…

…and its lively market.

Where you can now find all the uniqe little stalls have once been horse stables.

We continued our Camden-discovery-chapter in the side streets. R. was totally overwhelmed. How cute are these little houses? She could not help but losing herself in “awws” and “oohs” (I joined in).

We both chose our favorite doors (maybe in an echo of


blue door we so desperately tried to find in Notting Hill).

Rena picked the blue one.

I went with the classic black one.

Afterwards, we walked to Primrose Hill…

…where we both hugged the typical English phone box.

Finally, we reached the top of Primrose Hill.

It was very windy and cold and so we went back, back to Stratford and - it must be a typical girls’ thing - Westfield Center for a shopping session.

After a couple hours, our feet really started to get tired.

Nevertheless, as this should be our last evening together in London for the time being, we still had one thing we wanted to do. And so we headed to Westminster and walked to the South Bank from there. 

The stalls were nicely decorated. people were drinken mulled wine: the Christmas marked was our last destination for that day. 

Our stomachs needed to be filled and as we would be flying back to Germany the next day, we decided to keep it German and gave the “Bratkartoffeln” a go. 

However, we were a little disappointed, but shhht. They were…alright. Unfortunately not as crispy and golden-brown as we would have liked them to be.

From the South Bank we walked back to London Bridge and caught the next train. We were so thankful for seats. Back home - it was rainig like hell and we got soaked - we warmed ourselves up with tea, switched on the Christmas lights and listened to the raindrops. 

What a nice day it was. There only was one half day left. We wanted to make the most of it. Time flies, as always.