Heading Back ‘Home’: London Weekend Getaway Ahead

Spontaneous trips are quite often the best, specifically to diverse, buzzing cities. More so, if you know you’ll return somewhere after 8 months, to that place that has become your second, third etc. home and that never fails to release happy hormones, then the whole travel prepping thing is even more exciting. (Stupid dance at this point.)


‘Where am I?’ Or rather: ‘Where will I be so sooooon?’ 

Well, I can’t keep it to myself any longer - and the title says it all.

I will be heading to London town this upcoming weekend. The last time I soaked up the atmosphere was in February, when I traveled to the city for my graduation. Thus, I couldn’t be more happy about being back so soon.

Sometimes, you just feel drawn to that one place and London is, without a doubt, such a destination. I had the opportunity to live and study there for a whole year back in 2013/14 and this was quite possibly one of the best time I’ve had in my life. It has changed me and my outlook on life a lot (which is - drumroll - why I am working on a personal project I will soon reveal)

About one and a half weeks ago I randomly checked flights from Leipzig/Halle Airport, which is the closest to where I live at the moment - in Leipzig. Good old RyanAir kept its promise of comparatively cheap fares and so I couldn’t help it. I got in touch with Jane and Gabs to check whether they’d be available that particular weekend I had in mind (because I have a day off on Monday, it’s literally the only weekend I am able to be so spontaneous). 

Girls’ Night at The Nest in Dalston!

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London Bridge Memories

The English Pub Life

Chinese New Year!

FroYo in Soho - Snog!

Once they had given their “go”, I got down to business, did the job properly and had the booking confirmation in my inbox. 

Jackpot. Done. Happy. Smiling. ADRENALINE and that oh so wonderful feeling of wanderlust overcame me.

This is - or rather was - the view from my room in southeast London where I stayed with an English family during my studies.

The cherry on top certainly is the fact that I will get to spend time in London in autumn. You might know me by now; not only do I love the season itself but London in autumn is one of the most beautiful things ever. There’s magic in the air. No, really. (Am I the only one?)

Once I had booked the flight, I had something I could look forward to and that kept my motivational level higher than usual. Isn’t that always the case?

I will be on royal ground from Friday night until Monday evening, which doesn’t give me a lot of time but is a good enough time frame to catch up with friends and expose myself to all London has to offer. 

Well, all is an exaggeration, certainly, for in a city of this size, there’s always something new to discover, someone new to meet, a new venue popping up and so on and so forth. It’s adventure, everyday. You never know what’s going to happen. 

I have to do make a few plans and am thinking about where I want to spend my precious time in oh so lovely London (just writing that city’s name…rush of adrenaline, silly me, huh?). 

Do I want to spend time at the places that are familiar and that I have come to like a lot or should I grasp at the opportunity and head to parts of London I don’t know well?

And so I am doing my best to kill those last two and a half days of work so I can eventually grab my little bag, tickets and board the plane to The Island

On Sunday, they will turn on the ‘special’ lights on Oxford and Regent Street and then the glowing season will officially begin and London be more magical than ever. 

A little bit of ‘work’ will be on the agenda, as well, as I am using this trip to advance a project I am getting more and more passionate about as I am moving forward with it. It’s all still in an early stage but I am getting there, slowly but surely. I’ll tell you all about it once it’s definite, of course - and I believe you can benefit from it, as well. 

It’s also the little things I am looking forward to…(some of them I didn’t really miss when I was back in Germany but they are just characteristics of London, I guess.)

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