Have an Authentic Cultural Experience in San Antonio, Texas

Although well-known, San Antonio, Texas, is often underestimated. But this vibrant city offers something for everyone, whether it be food, attractions, entertainment, shopping, or nightlife. It is rich in Mexican culture and has an unbeatable Latin American charm. San Antonio also offers a lot of unique history. Here are some things to see and do if you want to dig a little deeper and experience the cultural side of this Texas town

Image via  Flickr

Image via Flickr

Dive Into the Diverse Museum and Art Scene 

If you are into museums, you’ve come to the right city (find cheap hotels in San Antonio). You can learn about San Antonio and its art history while spending the day museum and gallery hopping. Check out the Art League Museum, the Witte Museum dedicated to natural history and Texas heritage, or the quirky Buckhorn Saloon and Museum, for instance. You’ll have a range of entertaining yet educational options to choose from.

Attend Historic Events Taking Place Year-Round

Mny cultural and historic events take place in San Antonio. See the Stock Show & Rodeo in February, take part in the Alamo Commemorations in March, or be amazed by the 11-day Fiesta featuring parades, concerts, and a unique food experience in April. Many other festivals and events during the summer celebrate Mexican, Spanish, Argentinian, and Texan culture and more. As you can tell, San Antonio has a diverse event scene. Tickets can be booked in advance - you’ll find great deals here and here.

Explore the King William Historic District

The King William Historic District allows you to travel back in time and get a feel for 19th century San Antonio. In the late 1800s this district was one of the most posh and has been well-preserved. You can find unique cafés as well as independent shops and art galleries. It remains an elegant, albeit rather expensive, neighborhood with beautiful architecture. 

Visit the San Fernando Cathedral

The Cathedral of San Fernando, built in 1731, is the oldest functioning community in Texas. For many years this church was a place for all of San Antonio’s denominations to worship. Now it is not only a religious sanctuary but also a shelter for the poor and functions as a service center for people in need. Masses are held in English, Spanish, or both. 

Hit the Mission Trail for a Discovery Tour

San Antonio has five missions, with the Alamo being the oldest. All were built in the 18th century, and four of them are part of the Missions National Historic Park. You can reach the missions via bike or car depending on the weather. The tour is free and open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. You will learn about each mission and can stop for a picnic along the picturesque trail. 

San Antonio is an ideal destination for culture fans. Whether you stay in the city and spend your days at museums, get a little more active by cycling along the Mission Trail, or attend authentic cultural events, this Texas town offers you an insight into its history and culture while allowing you to travel back in time. 

This piece was written in collaboration with Hipmunk in the course of the #HipmunkCityLove Project.