Golden Skyline Views From the Water: San Diego Harbor Cruise


Let’s face it: harbor cruises - people either find them boring or pretty cool. I, for one, think they are pretty cool, especially because they allow me a different perspective on my surrounding. Plus, you can grab family and/or friends and just hang out for one or two hours, chatting away while actually doing something together. Specifically when you have visitors in town. Win-win. 

On Sunday (Funday) a couple weeks ago (which also happened to be my parents’ last weekend in town), I took my beloved people and went downtown to the harbor. 

We stepped aboard the Hornblower and with a loud ‘tooooot’ (parents, please cover your children's’ ears) set off. 

Naturally, America’s flag was blowing gracefully in the wind. (What else do you expect?)

We sat on the top deck, munching on a few snacks, chatting happily and enjoying the cool breeze on our faces. A real family day. 

We started the 2-hour tour at 3 pm, which was perfect, because since the sun is setting early these days due to winter time, we could witness the sunset from the water – and you should know by know how much I love those (and sunrises, of course). 

I just love when the sun sets and the light is tinting the San Diego skyline in golden light. 

And there is the famous Coronado Bridge. 

I got the postcard shot!

Fun fact: This bridge floats. If it ever crashes, it apparently is designed to not sink but float, so it can be moved away and is not in the way for the military ships (or other boats, for that matter). 

The sun was about to call it a day as San Diego looked prettier than ever.

We slowly headed back to the harbor (it got fairly chilly), where we then walked over to Anthony’s for some fish and clam chowder. 

A lovely Sunday afternoon was coming to a close.