Fuerteventura Journal: Day 5&6 at Planet Surf Camp

Hey y’all!

Here’s another quick report from Fuerteventura, the windy island.


The heat wave’s still present but as I am writing this, I am sitting outside and enjoy the breeze. The temperatures are more bearable now.

Since the sun’s hot these days, yesterday was not very spectacular, meaning we granted ourselves as large breakfast after having played the early birds again (nothing like enjoying your cup of coffee on the rooftop watching the sun rise while a warm breeze is running through your hair – but I assume you know my preferences by now if you have been tagging along for a little while already), talked to a few people in the camp who rose one after another as some of them had their morning surf lessons before going for a quick stroll and then spending the morning lazily by the pool.

It was a rather less spectacular day but I still felt a little worn out from the last surf session.

At 4 pm, our surf instructor Gala tied the boards to the van, we grabbed our wet suits and headed to El Cortillo (yes, the name of the surf spot I didn’t know before).

The wind was blowing like crazy and the waves were not the cleanest, which means we had to fight getting into the ocean and hop on our boards as a good wave was coming behind us.

I didn’t have the best start as I couldn’t manage to stand on the board at first. However, we all know practice makes perfect and so I had a few good waves after a little while.

This is what standing looks like…

…and this happened when I lost my balance (always have fun).

Well, at least one can’t say we didn’t have a good workout that afternoon. But this also means I had a perfect goodnight sleep. Naturally.

Today was hot as ever. I have been wanting to go surfing in the am the past 3 days (morning person, you know) and today I finally had the chance to join the 7.45 am group. We were only 6 people including our surf instructor Gabriele. I was quite nervous because Gala asked me yesterday whether I’d want to go to the reef with the intermediate group today as my take-off (standing on the board) seemed quite acceptable. I agreed as I was feeling a rush of excitement.

Reef means: deeper water, bigger and more powerful waves as well as a lot of paddling and no rest on the beach for about 2 and a half hours. Diving in.

It. was. hard. Honestly, it was a great experience but I soon came to realize that just because I managed to stand on the board the past few days doesn’t mean I can surf now. Hell no, I am far from that. I mean, I have only had a surfboard in my hands for the past 4, rather 3, days. What do you, what did they, what did I expect?

I am an ambitious person especially when it comes to (new) sports. However, this particular surf lesson today was a little frustrating. We were farther away from the shore and had to fight our way through the waves. I tried my luck once our instructor gave me a sign – and I failed. That first wave made me swallow tons of water. Uagh.

Long story short: I managed to stand up for a split second a couple times but that’s basically the end of the story. Personal highlight of the day. I am exhausted now and I am sure my arms will be a little (a little more) sore tomorrow.

Like I said before, it was a good experience but it has also shown me that surfing is not a sport you learn perfectly overnight, definitely not. However, I am glad I’ve had the opportunity to go out with the more experienced guys today and challenge myself.

So, this basically refers to my personal motto: traveling and sports are both ways to challenge yourself. It’s what I realized today, once again.

With salty, burning eyes, a dry mouth, destroyed foot (ouch, those stones) as well as an exhausted body, I happily returned to the camp.

Tomorrow will be the last day. Already? I will keep it easy and stick to Gala’s beginners group to get more comfortable with my take-off…

…and then we will be taking off and wave goodbye to Fuerteventura and the Planet Surf Camp on Saturday night.

But until then, I am sending you warm temperatures.