Fuerteventura Journal: Day 1&2 at Planet Surf Camp

Heya from Corralejo, Fuerteventura!


Me and my brother arrived in the early evening, yesterday. After having claimed our baggage, we went to the bus station and chilled in the sun. Why? Because we missed our bus to the camp, for F. had to get his 8th liter of water, naturally. But we’re on holiday, more or less, so we were quite relaxed anyway. Well, let’s rather call it an active trip. 

After an eternity - people take things easy here -, the bus showed up. Finally. It took about an hour until we reached the Planet Surf Camp. I was happily setting foot on stable ground - stupid stomach can barely cope with a bus ride - and looking forward to eventually dump my stuff. 

It took F. and me a few minutes until we actually found the entrance but we were then greeted by very laid-back people and a friendly atmosphere. The camp is very simple, but so far, everyone is very open-minded. Surfer style, what can I say?

We happily dropped our bags and went to get some food and water at the supermarket conveniently located right on the other side of the road. 

Afterwards, lovely Alice showed us around and lead us to our room. It’s a 5-bed unisex room. 

You know what’s the best about being here? The salty air, the constant breeze on my skin and the smell of sunscreen. Bliss. It’s, undoubtedly, an escape from the ordinary. 

We finished off our arrival day with a stroll around the surrounding area and were totally worn out at around 9.30 pm, which made for a goodnight sleep. 

Today, we got up early and had our coffe and cereal with banana (gosh, those are so sweet here, very tasty) as the sun was rising.

We then explored the area a bit, had a crossfit workout (far away from home) and swam in the pool (well, not really ours but more about that soon). Geez, the sun made me utterly tired. 

(Don’t you think these look like birds?)

As I am writing this, we’re chilling with a few other surfers in the camp. Pool session on the agenda. 

I’ll have my first surf lesson tomorrow and I am very excited. We’ll see whether I’ll turn out to be a real pro (haha, probably not), but I am really looking forward to trying a new sport. 

I send you loads of sunshine! 

(I’ll write a detailed review at the end of my stay.)