From Picturesque Santa Barbara to Dreamy Pismo Beach


There is something about being on the road with your significant other, goofing around, drinking the obligatory, cliche Starbucks coffee, making a pit stop at the Reebok Outlet for more sports clothes, driving through the desert and being stuck in traffic in Los Angeles. It might or might not be very romantic. To me, it is one of the precious things - I get to spend time with my man who I hadn’t seen for more than 3 months. Am I getting a little cheesy here? Never enough cheese, peeps! 

We arrived in Santa Barbara before midnight. It took us about 4 hours to get from Indian Wells to this oh so pretty town - as we should realize first thing in the morning. 

The photo was taken the morning after.

Looking back on our time on the road and thinking about all motels that we stayed at, Sunset Motel was by far the cutest one, and the one we felt most at ease at. Of course, we didn’t know at this point but upon arrival I already sensed that this would be one of the best accommodations during our trip up to San Fran.

Tired, yet very happy, we fell asleep quickly.

We hat luxury breakfast in our room - just kidding - but what else do you need than the early morning coffee boost, the fueling oat meal with banana and since it’s vacation time, a little chocolaty blueberry treat on the side? We were completely happy with the complimentary breakfast provided at the reception, ready to be taken to the room. 

After breakfast - we took our time -, we packed our things and checked out. Unfortunately. I liked that little motel a lot and definitely recommend it to you, in case you ever get the chance to visit Santa Barbara.

I certainly do not know much about architecture but all I can say here is: damn, this town is pretty! In our opinion, it created a very mediterranean atmosphere, a small-town feel. SB exudes its very own, unique charm you can hardly resist. 

I for one fell for the city immediately after we headed out that particular Monday morning.

Full of happy hormones, chuckling, hand in hand, we strolled along the beautiful streets of Santa Barbara, which exuded a rather tropical atmosphere from time to time. Might as well just be me but the scenery and weather certainly reinforced this impression. 

Now we know why many people refer to SB as the “American Riviera”.

We drove over to the sleepy harbor where we took it all in. 

There were only a few people out that morning. It was really quiet. Was everyone else at work? There wasn’t any traffic either. Surprising. 

Just look at this beautiful scenery. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Mountains - palm trees - beach - ocean. You’ve got it all here!

We strolled along the rather empty beach, quietly, smiling. Honestly, how good can life be? I wouldn’t mind getting up in the morning, hopping in the car, driving to a new place, spending the night, moving on the next day. It would be so awesome to do this for however long I - we - wanted to. Moving is the key word. Always. I simply love it. 

This city is picture-perfect!

I am coming for ya, ice-cream (let’s just ignore the fact that it wasn’t even 11 am yet).

The man was trying to get a tan. Whoops, it rhymes. 

We spent another couple hours aimlessly walking around and enjoying life. Yes, it’s true. What else can I say?

We had a quick lunch at Mr. T.’s now favorite place: Panda Express. Well, it’s fairly good. And of course, the fortune cookie doesn’t lie. 

It was time to keep on driving up north. 

We didn’t know much about Santa Barbara before but if I’d done a little more research, I would have liked to stay two nights (which means I would have had the opportunity of being sick in bed in Santa Barbara instead of Monterey but this is another story).

It’s simply a very picturesque, charming small city with less than 91,000 residents, its little alleys, shops, cafes and scenery. I mean, where else do you see lush green mountains on the one hand, palm trees growing in front of them and, turning around, you spot the ocean and the beach? Yeah, that’s what’s called quality of life (at least in my understanding). 

My mom and dad had driven up Highway 1 about a year ago. They told me about all the places they stopped at. Pismo Beach was one of them. Guess what we did? Well, we definitely didn’t just drive by, that’s for sure. 

And so we had an easy car drive that lasted for less than one and a half hours, before we made a quick pit stop at the beach. 

Pismo Beach is actually very dreamy. There really weren’t that many people although it’s well-known. There’s only about 8,000 people living here but I can only imagine that this little town welcomes a greater number of tourists per year. 

Ready, set - smiles on!

Let me sneak in another one. There you go. 

And then it was time to hit the real road. All I can say is: it got so awfully windy, that my poor stomach was in real pain as I was desperately trying to enjoy the stunning scenery. 

I’ll leave the rest of the story for the next post, if you’re still with me.