Five Guys

This one is for the soul.

 Do I have your attention? ;-)

Last Wednesday, when T arrived, we dropped his bag off at home and headed right over to Covent Garden. The sun was shining, the sky was bright blue and although we were quite tired we were in the best mood ever. And I certainly felt as if I was on holiday. I could already smell spring (what a lie).

A good friend of mine from Germany, Alix, and her boyfriend Philipp were in London for a couple days and so we couldn’t miss a casual lunch date. We chose to add an American touch to the British atmosphere and so we ended up at Five Guys.  

The Americans know this place well, I assume. Apparantly, these “guys” sell the best burgers. The first UK store opened in Covent Garden. 

We joined the queue and Philipp grabbed a small snack for the four of us: peanuts! 

Do you think there is enough for the people waiting in line?

We didn’t have to wait long before we got down to business. 

Cheeseburgers, Hamburgers etc. You can even have them in a smaller version if you like (still pretty big, I think).

We went for fries and Cheeseburgers “all the way” - mouth-watering. As we were all pretty hungry, we couldn’t wait to try these little guys.

The meat was juicy and very fresh. The cheese perfectly melted. The burger was the bomb, not gonna lie. 

However, the fries were not as crispy as I expected. But we were smiling - they obviously aren’t that bad. ;-) It’s about the burgers, anyway.

It’s a very casual, relaxed, yet buzzing atmosphere. The perfect spot if you fancy a delicious, hearty burger in a laid-back (American) atmosphere together with a group of friends.

Utterly happy we decided to walk off a few calories (hey, it’s for the soul!) and went over to Piccadilly Circus. From there it isn’t far to Oxford Circus as well as Carnaby Street for some window shopping.

There, we said our goodbyes and T. and I finished off the day in L.-Town with a Vanilla Frappuccino. 

That is after my own heart.