Esquires Coffee: The Penguin Is Greeting You

I found a new coffee shop. 

This evening, I arrived early at Shepherd’s Bush where I had a meeting for my upcoming tasks as a social media intern.

Many thanks to construction works, I had to switch trains a hundred times in order to finally make it to my desired destination. That’s London. Everyday there is something new going on. It is like a box of chocolate: you never know what you’re gonna get (what a hackneyed phrase).

But back to my love for coffee. Esquires Coffee is a chain like Starbucks, Costa and all the other well known coffee-for-the-go places. Yet, this one seems to be less famous. At least I haven’t heard of it before. That’s why I was curious to check it out.

It was founded in Canada exactly 20 years ago (so, I guess it’s been out there for a while…). As we should all probably be a little more aware of where our “things” - to generalize it - come from, Esquires Coffee Houses is raising awareness and actively contributes to a fair payment of the workers by selling fairtrade products. They have basically made this their business. Don’t you think the coffee tastes better knowing that others are not exploited? This might be one aspect.

The other is: the coffee actually is good. And so I was very happy with my vanilla-flavoured iced Americano before heading over to the office. 

Say hello to the mister in tails. The penguin is the coffee houses’ showpiece. The idea behind it is that these animals are sociable and they are never alone. They represent the brand because Esquires Coffee Houses are supposed to be places for easy chats with friends in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Also, the deeper thought behind it is that every single one of us carries responsibility for the rest of the society. It all depends on what we are doing.

On my way out I stumbled across this sign: “Toffee Apple Latte & Salted Caramel Muffin.”

Take your time and imagine the taste of it…


That must be delicious! Next time I’m at Shepherd’s Bush, I will give it a go! - and I might be back soon. 

Beverage-wise, this particular season can be very diverse. 

Any favorite flavours?
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