Embracing Nature: Lake Hike in Rocky Mountain National Park, CO (Part II)


We had an easier hike planned for the next morning. After having climbed mountains (so it felt the day after), we kept it more mellow. Embrace nature - motto for the day. 

We hopped in the car, our backpacks packed, all excited to be back on ‘natural’ soil for the upcoming few hours. It was chilly outside. I could smell fall. 

Before we headed over to Rocky Mountain National Park again, we stopped at Starbucks for our coffee fix and some bagels with cream cheese. 

The weather was, once again, perfect.

A few clouds here and there, but over all, we couldn’t have been luckier. 

Since we were running early, trail parking was a done deal and we didn’t have to look around for long. 

We were ready for our Lake(s) Hike. 

That particular Sunday morning, there weren’t that many people on the trail yet, so we actually had a chance to – so it seemed – leave civilization behind. 

Gosh, not even 48 hours in this state, but a piece of my heart I had already left here in Colorado. 

It had always been one of the top states on my bucket list. It exceeded my expectations. 

If you want to open your heart to nature, need a break from the city, or simply want to explore new trails, Colorado at large is the state to be, I am telling you. 

I know I still have a lot of amazing ground to cover, here in the States, but I am also positive that Colorado will always be one of my favorite ones. 

As with everything in life: Sometimes, you just know. 

This is where I could truly let my soul wander. 

Sound cheesy? Maybe it does, but it’s true. You know, it felt so good to be out there that I got that very warm, fuzzy feeling inside. Complete, overwhelming happiness.

It’s impressive how nature can show off. 

You find this ^ – simply along our hiking trail, somewhere in the mountains. 


Now, this sounds as if I had never seen snow before in my life, but having lived in Southern California for a year, this was a wonderful change. 

Plus, I was awfully excited for winter. 

In the afternoon, rosie cheeks from all the wind and slightly tired legs, we packed our things and then were on our way to Denver, where we should spend the night and finish off this trip with a few drinks and food at a pub. 

This has truly been a short, but one of the most memorable trips I’ve taken.