Edinburgh on the Cheap: The Best Places to Drink, Sleep at and See

Scottish charm, Medieval atmosphere, a manageable-sized city, and constant hustle and bustle on the street - Edinburgh won’t bore you. Undoubtedly, there is a great number of affordable hotels in Edinburgh. However, if you have decided to stretch your bill and go back to the basics, hostels in Edinburgh are great places to spend the night and meet new people. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to make more of your stay in Edinburgh while spending less.


Stay in One of the Many Hostels in Edinburgh

We all know that hostels are one of the cheapest ways to travel. It’s also great if you like socializing. And isn’t this what travel is about - learning about others? If you choose a hostel that is central, you’ll have bunk bed fun and save on transportation as many attractions are within walking distance. A night at The Hostel starts at £5 and prices for a bed at the Castle Rock Hostel start at £11.

See More of Edinburgh Without Emptying Your Bank Account

Nothing beats a free walking tour. You’ll be guided through beautiful Edinburgh; it’s a give-what-you-can tour so if you’re on a tight budget, a fiver will do the trick. On a rainy day - it’s Scotland - hit the Royal Mile for some free museums. If you feel active, climb up Arthur’s Seat and enjoy the stunning view over Edinburgh. Calton Hill is an alternative. If you’re interested in politics, tour the Scottish Parliament for free. Or how about free live music at Whistle Binkies? But there are more extraordinary activities and things to see.

Prepare Your Own Food Or Order Sharing Platters

We tend to forget that preparing our own meals can help save money. Hit the local grocery store around the corner and get some milk and cereal for breakfast as well as a cheap family pack of pasta and some pesto and cook yourself dinner at the hostel kitchen. If you, however, feel like eating out, grab a bunch of hostellers and order different dishes - and then share. At the end of the day, you’ll have more food for less.

Go for a Casual Drink or Two at the Various Pubs around Town

Drinks are not the cheapest in Britain but since you are in Scotland, there’s no way around whisky (or should I say whiskey?). However, ale is legitimate, as well. If you fancy a drink out, go to the Earl of Marchmon or Greenmantle. The latter is especially dedicated to students. Furthermore, The City Café offers good deals not just on the weekend. Also, check out the Brass Monkey, but there are many more affordable pubs for you to get a drink or two.

Edinburgh is always worth the visit especially when you know that it doesn’t have to be an expensive stay. Pay less but experience more by staying in hostels and hitting the right places. You don’t have to empty your bank account for a memorable stay in Edinburgh.

This piece was written in collaboration with Hipmunk in the course of the Hipmunk City Love Project.