Early Morning on Santa Barbara Pier


Me and my parents headed off north, to Santa Barbara, on Friday morning. We had a fabulous day (more about that soon). One thing I was, however, excited for, was an early rise on Saturday and an easy, refreshing run into the sunrise. The little things, you know? You might also know by now that I love the early morning hours. Having an hour or so to myself is the best way to start my day. 

The alarm got off at 6.30 am, it was still dark out, and I silently slipped into my running clothes and headed down to the breakfast room for coffee. I was the only one. 

I jogged to the beach afterwards, while inhaling the crisp air. Our hotel was only three blocks from the harbor. 

How I just love this scenery.Ah, I don’t think this will ever get old and even in thirty years time I will still snap pictures of pretty sunrises and beaches.

I stepped on the pier, stopped running, and just took a deep breath. The life. 

A few people were silently strolling up and down, with coffee in their hands - which is a thing here, as I might have mentioned before -, some of them being on the phone (I always wonder who they talk to this early in the morning…). 

I walked around, enjoying every second of it, and snapping away. 

The sun slowly rose. 

There’s a few restaurants on the Santa Barbara Pier. 

The light changed as the sun was slowly but surely waking up. 

I could have gone for ice-cream already; bummer that they weren’t open at that point. 

There it peaked out on the horizon.

A great, yellow-ish fireball. 

Around 7.30 am, I started walking back from the end of the pier to the beach. 

Someone seemed to enjoy the morning in peace and quiet as much as I did. Unusual for these folks actually. 

The world came to life and I was starting to get a little hungry. 

But I didn’t really feel like eating lotsa lobster yet. 

Santa Barbara has one of the most stunning sceneries - with the mountains, the palm trees, the beach and the sea. 

One last look –

– and I jogged back to the hotel where my parents were getting ready for breakfast. 

Happy Tuesday, folks!