Driving Coast-Side: Malibu & Santa Monica Pier

Oh, how we were looking forward to pancakes for breakfast. Loads of them, with a lot of maple syrup. 


I believe I was diving right in, otherwise I would have shown you a picture. Whoopsies. But the blueberry pancakes were something I couldn’t resist. We had those at IHOP, which is a chain here. 

After having kickstarted our day, we eventually hopped in the car and were embarking on the last stops on our weekend getaway. We drove down Sunset Blvd. all being cheerful. 

We drove through famous Beverly Hills and Bel Air and gazed at the big mansions. Life must be pretty tough there. 

We reached the coast and headed north to Malibu. I’ve always wanted to go and now I was finally on my way. Some things are just too surreal, although I was right in the middle of this becoming reality. 

Unfortunately, it was a little cloudy but ain’t nottin’ gunna put us in a bad mood. Suddenly, I got pretty excited as I spotted dolphins, YES, DOLPHINS in the water! This is real. Southern California hasn’t failed to surprised me yet and I believe it still holds a lot. It’s almost been 2 (!!) months now but I am far from saying that all this I have come to taken for granted. Not at all and I keep telling myself that I should never do so. 

Eventually, we reached the beach in Malibu. It was more natural than the beaches I’d seen before, which I loved right away. 

Also, there weren’t that many people. We all bounced out of the car and soaked in the salty air. 

I always want to be by the sea. It’s freedom. It’s quality of life. It’s inspiration. It’s calmness. It’s peace. It’s the unknown

Wandering along the natural beach, I was aw-ing at the beach houses, big ones, having stairs leading right onto the beach. 

For real? I mean, come on, who doesn’t want to live right there?

I would move right in, I tell you. 

I was quietly choosing a house I would love to own - and then we were talking about house-sharing and things like this. You know, letting imagination running wild while strolling along the water. 

Imagine getting up early in the morning, watching the sun rise while you have a cuppa in your hands. Or maybe you have friends over at night and while having a nice BBQ, you watch the sun set? Do you like to surf? Well, I believe this is one of the easier things to do right here. 

This is one hell of a place to live. 

After a little while, dreaming of beach houses, surfing sessions and sundowns seen from the porch, we figured it was time to head further down south. 

When we reached Santa Monica Pier - you know, that favorite pier everyone seems to be fussing about -, I was slightly disappointed, because it wasn’t half as spectacular as I imagined it to be. What did I imagine? I don’t really know, just not that many tourists, maybe? Hard to say but what we saw was very commercialized. I mean, of course, duh, and yet it’s a ‘been there, done it’ kind of thing. 

It was cool seeing it though, but that’s about it. 

And here’s one of the famous views so many pictures display.

The pier was literally packed that particular Sunday. 

My attention was drawn to the super cute harbor patrol. So cool. So chill. So on duty. Don’t you think?

And then we were off again, sunnies on, to the last stop of our mini trip, heading further down south eventually. 

Venice Beach calling!! (Which will make for a separate post!)