Daytrip Part Two: Old Roman City Bath

You’ve been patient - I thank you for that! :)

Now - as I promised -, it is time to share my impressions on Bath.

The city is nestled in a scenery of meadows, forests and thus, trees that are just about to change their leaves. Nowadays, Bath has about 80,000 inhabitants.

The city is simply beautiful and when we went there on Sunday, the sun was smiling. 

This old city built by Romans is well-known for its “healing waters” - the Roman Baths. Wealthy men and women came there in ancient times to have a bath in the holy, magical hot springs. 

First of all, I would like to introduce you to Sulis. (“Sul” was a Celtic god.)

Pigs are actually very clean animals. They just like to wallow in mud because it has a cooling effect. These cute pink-ish animals became the (secret) symbol of Bath. According to the legend, Prince Bladud (father of King Lear) suffered from a skin disease. This was roughly 860 BC. Having had a bad rash, the prince was forced to look after the pigs - also suffering from this certain skin disease. He realized that the mud had a curing effect. Later on, he became king and founded the city of Bath.

Now, I guess there is not much to say besides: Let it all soak in and have a look yourself. The architecture is wonderful.

Gabi and I walked around and - obviously - tried to freeze all the impressions in form of pictures. That was a little exhausting and so we stopped at Café Nero and re-energized ourselves with a delicious coffee. What else?

With new thirst of action, we headed out to the park.

This little guy obviously enjoyed the boat ride.

After having eaten our sandwiches, we really wanted some ice-cream. Luckily, we found an ice-cream parlour. 

To be honest, I could not really concentrate on all the ice-cream flavours when I saw this. Those distracted me. Slightly.

We strolled around for a bit before meeting up with the group in order to visit the Roman Baths. 

We couldn’t help it but fooled around with souvenirs…

…before heading back to the Abbey.

Then it was time to actually see the Roman Baths.

Again: audio guides were our friends and so we walked around the temple. Health instruction before we actually started our tour: Do


touch the water! It is full of bacteria. Umm, yuk. Alright. We won’t do that. “Healing” is obviously not what this water bath is, any more.

Can you imagine this water is not good for you? At least not any more.

Two and a half hours were way too short. Trust me. There is so much more about this city. Unfortunately, we only got an idea of downtown Bath. If you are into museums, you’ll definitely have a chance to go to some while in Bath. If you enjoy nature, there are many tracks you could check out in order to explore the surrounding area…and much more. And the best thing about Bath: It really doesn’t matter if you decide going there in spring, summer, autumn or winter. It is always beautiful there - what we’ve been told. I totally believe it.

Having returned to Central London, we finished off the exciting day with a walk around the South Bank.

I definitely want to go back and stay in this brilliant city of Bath for a weekend, maybe, so I actually have the opportunity to explore it a little more. If you ever have the chance to do so: Go there and convince yourself of this historic place.