Day Trip to Los Angeles Part II: The Best View on LA


We left Beverly Hills behind and were on a mission: Catching the sunset over this metropolis from my famous LA spot, the Griffith Observatory.  

It should turn out to be an ambitious goal.

Spoiler alert: We didn’t quite make it, but had a car party and night views on the City of Angels. So after all, pretty sweet.

But I am getting a little ahead of myself. 

Freddy and I were - what a surprise - completely stuck in traffic when leaving Rodeo Drive. Why did I even think we would make it to sunset in time? We left about 40 minutes before the sun set; we got out of the car by the Observatory long after it had disappeared behind the hills. 

LA traffic is a nightmare, I might have mentioned that in several #LA posts before and it’s not a secret at all

We were very slowly making our way closer to the famous Griffith Observatory, which is one of the rather very nice spots in this huge city. 

They call it “Southern California’s Gateway to the Cosmos” (the website, if you’re interested, you find here). I have been to LA four times in the past 10 months, as it’s only about a two-hour drive from San Diego (well, if there’s no traffic, of course); every time I went, I got up here. 

Once we reached Griffith Park, the line was endless. 

It took us almost 45 minutes to get closer to the top. Of course, we knew we wouldn’t be up there before the sun set but I was determined to go up with my brother, as it was his first time in the U.S., and thus Los Angeles. Plus, there was no way to turn around, so we had to go with the flow (or stop-and-go, for that matter). 

We jammed in the car and had a good time, nonetheless. The sky was first tinted in yellow-red light before it turned into a cotton candy color. Hmm, cotton candy…

My personal driver made it easy for me to happily snap away and make the battery of my camera go low. I mean, we didn’t really move anyway.

As the sun was slowly setting, the lights in this humongous city were switched on. 

I am a sucker for sunsets (oh gosh, I guess I have mentioned that so many times and am doing it again right now). 

Especially when they are this perfect. 

If you’re stuck in traffic and the sun has almost set, you need to entertain yourself. Do a time lapse. Get creative. 

You can definitely tell we are siblings; our facial expressions are almost identical in this photo. 

We finally found a parking spot right by the Observatory and couldn’t be happier to get out of the car.

It was so worth it to take the time to come up here.

Frederik was amazed by this view. It is pretty spectacular I have to admit. 

Maybe it’s even more impressive by night, with all the city lights on. They just make it so much more obvious how big this city actually is. It must take hours to drive from east to west, from north to south. 

We just stood there for a while and embraced the fact that we were blessed enough to do this together. 

I was so happy to have my little brother stateside - for the very first time. 

You really start appreciate having a sibling when he or she is not close. Boy, when we were little, actually, even until, let’s say, maybe around 4-5 years ago we were like cats and dogs and basically doing our own thing. It got better as we both grew more mature. Freddy’s visit definitely was some kind of turning point, milestone - whatever I should call it. We had so much fun together and seemed to really appreciate each other’s company. 

Great times; wonderful memories. 

As the moon was rising and the hour passed, we slowly walked back to the car to head south again, back to America’s Finest City. 

I stumbled upon this - a shoutout to my besties. ;-)

And so we left the lit up metropolis behind and hit the freeway. Time goes by too quickly, but memories remain. 

As I wrote the above, my brother touched down in London. Three weeks have flown by. It amazes me every time.