Coastal Drive & OB Fair


I like driving in California. More so, I like driving along the coast, windows rolled down, a cup of coffee in my hands, country on, and my hair whirling around. My kind of Saturday morning, not gonna lie. The Cali way. One way or another, whatever you want to call it, I am always up for a little trip. 

On a Saturday morning, Rickey and I grabbed little man, stopped by my favorite Bean Me Up spot for coffee, and hit the road. 30 minutes later, we arrived in Cardiff-by-the-sea (or short: Cardiff. It’s part of the up and coming beach community Encinitas. Cardiff is also a hot spot for surfers, young and old. Views are wonderful and the town exudes a very laid-back vibe. 

When we arrived, the town was still sleepy and not many people out. We parked and wandered around for a little bit before we found a little breakfast spot. 

California love, oh, how this is real!

I really like the artsy side of Cardiff.

I am not entirely sure if I mentioned before that I am really getting into succulents? Yes, I am getting my green thumb on and I love these little plans just so much. So unique and decorative - and granted, easier to maintain than any other plants (I fail so badly at orchids it almost hurts). It’s all part of growing up, haha. 

We decided to grab a bite at Pappalecco. 

Turns out, it was a good decision. 

We sad outside with our fur baby. 

He gave us the happy face, yet, not really sure if he should leave his safe shelter. 

You have to know one thing: Rocco is very particular. He’s special. But that includes his social anxiety. Eventually, he relaxed by our feet. Sweet boy.

This was an actual croissant with actually good cheese (I’ve gone wrong so many times over here). Hmm, the croissant reminded me of Europe. It was so fresh, so warm and crisp. 

That cheeeeese!

Alright, done with the food hailing here. Just some freshly squeezed orange juice on top, because we gotta get those vitamins in. Ha!

After breakfast, we walked towards the beach…

…through a green oasis…

…with a very patriotic touch. 

Welcome to Cardiff. 

It was rather overcast that morning. That’s why I didn’t put sunscreen on. Spoiler alert: By the end of the day, I had to realize that I actually did get a sunburn. UV rays and such. #redheadproblems

We strolled along the beach for a while, which was actually pretty busy. 

Sun wasn’t out, but that just simply doesn’t matter. After all, we were still experiencing June gloom and that’s a common thing here. Doesn’t keep Californians from getting their boards out and playing in the sand. Because: it’s still warm out. 

I had some pretty handsome company. 

Around noon, the sun was slowly, very slowly trying to make an appearance. 

It wasn’t very successful, though. 

Sometimes, aimless driving is the best. 

We headed up further north as the sky turned blue. 

It’s nice to get our of the house every once in a while. I mean, don’t get me wrong, especially here in San Diego we get out a lot. But I am talking about going somewhere. 

I even found my piece of Europe - below. 

Music turned up, jamming out, and feeling the breeze on my face - what can I say, it’s the little things, once more, that bring me so much endorphins.

We made it to Carlsbad where we eventually decided to get some more food in our stomachs. Rubio’s it was for a California Burrito and the (in my opinion) best cheese quesadilla there is. Why? Because it’s crispy and not greasy; because it comes with the white cheese, not the yellow (orange) one. Trust me, I have had a lot of quesadillas since I came stateside. It’s kind of my go to. It was a trial and error process.

We got back to San Diego around early evening, where the Ocean Beach Fair was going on. Newport Ave gets a little crazy (crazier than usual). I am really not much of a fair person, but walked down there with Rickey. Ehh, why not?

We looked at the many vendors and got stuck talking to a photographer for an OB Pier picture we have been wanting for a while.

I got pretty excited about there little guys her. 

And there were more!

We walked around for a little while before we headed out to Slaters 50/50 to meet up with a friend and have some burgers. I know, diet was on point that day (haha).

And then, at the end of the day, there is no better place but home - home away from home?! - with my better half. The flag was on point and my little nugget was still there. Yip, I do drive the little thing (aka smart car). And yes, I do take it on the freeway. I seem to be getting this question a lot….