Christmas Time at Liberty Station


A couple weeks ago - it was the beginning of the Christmas season -, Rickey and I went to Liberty Station. It used to be part of the Navy base; it has been converted to a wonderful public space with lots of breweries, restaurants, coffee shops, and green spaces. 

Rickey and I like coming here, for date night, brunch, or to take the dogs for a nice long walk. 

Since Rickey is working evenings, we only have the weekends together - night time wise. So, whenever he does work day shift or has off and we get an evening together during the week, I am one happy camper. 

We headed over to Liberty Station awhile ago, when they had their Christmas tree lighting ceremony. 

It made me feel the spirit of the season. 

You know, sometimes, it’s still a little odd that I am celebrating the holidays under palm trees with mild temperatures (well, milder than anywhere else). But I guess Christmas is what you make of it and so my third Christmas - coming up - in the U.S. actually does feel festive. 

Back to Liberty Station. 

We decided to leave the dogs at home as we knew there would be a lot of people and, granted, wanted to spend some good quality time with each other (we get a little distracted when having Pancho and Rocco with us; they are literally like kids - good preparation I would say). 

Liberty Station looked pretty as ever, exuding the glow of the season. They even set up an ice rink (let’s not talk about waste of energy here but it was neat). 

Walking hand in hand among happy families and couples, we gazed at the Christmas lights and watched the large tree being lit. 

A couple drinks and some good food later, we headed back home to the boys. Happy, content and in the mood for Christmas, I went ahead lighting some candles (my favorite!) and we snuggled up on the couch for the remainder of the night. 

Perfect, I would say.