Christmas Cheer (Under Palm Trees)


“It’s the mooost wonderful tiiime ooof the yeeeaaar” - so the song goes. 

This is my third Christmas in the U.S. (crazy, but true) and each year, I have managed to get in the Christmas spirit a little more. I used to struggle because it’s, first off, not really cold here and, secondly, I am surrounded by palm trees. It just isn’t my ideal, romantic vision of Christmas. But you know what? I have learned that you can create the holiday spirit for yourself, no matter where you are. 

A few days ago, I met my former landlady Annelie and our friend Lesli to continue the little tradition we started last year: Walking around Garrison St. looking at all the elaborate Christmas lights. 

That really put me in the mood. 

All merry and bright. 

I specifically liked this house. 

Garrison St. is a popular spot for young and old to come to after dark to gaze at the fun Christmas lights. 

Every time I wonder how much time goes into setting all this up. Chapeau!

We strolled up and down the street. 

This is one of my favorite views on the city - from Garrison St. Two years ago, December 2015, is when I stood here for the very first time and it hit me that I am really in San Diego. And I love coming back to this vista point. 

Back home, these two rug rats were eagerly waiting for me. 

The little one being such a curious little fella. I am so happy we can give him a  new home; it will be his first Christmas with us. I think Panchito feels the spirit - at least that something is different (or so I’d like to think). 

Our tree is all set up and there are now a few more presents under it. 

I love this season and try to provide the coziest of homes for the both of us. 

Candles are absolutely essential. 

And certainly the Christmas lights. 

But also Christmas sweaters. This one’s not even ugly. ;-)

Since Rickey had to work, I finished the night off in good (sassy) company, with cookies in the oven, making the house smell so good, while jamming out to some Christmas classics. 

‘Tis the season. 

This is the first year that Rickey and I are celebrating as a family, in our home. I am so thankful. It hits me every once in a while and then, with a huge grin on my face, I feel this rush of happiness coming over me. 

Funny how life plays out. 

I wish you all a wonderful, blessed, and peaceful Christmas. Hug the ones you love a little tighter as this year is about to come to a close. 

Exciting things are happening in 2018. 

Happy holidays!!