Chinese New Year

According to Chinese culture, 2014 is the year of the energetic, flamboyant horse.  

A few days ago, the Chinese celebrated the beginning of the new year. Unlike most cultures, their festivities last for approximately ten days filled with music, laughter, dance and lots of food - as J.’s flat mate Shu told us.

Here in London, the Chinese new year is celebrated with a bang. As the sun was shining today - after days of horrid weather! - and we were desperately trying to find an excuse to leave our books behind for a little while, we headed over to Trafalgar Square which was decorated and utterly crowded.

I guess you get the idea (and this was only the left-sided view from the National Gallery). It was one big pushing and shoving.

We went to China Town.
Crazy how many people were out today.

And eventually we found the “entrance.”

It was literally a fight to get from one side of the street to the other one. What a shame it is to be quite small and thus not able to see the dragon dancing. Those little ones on their parents’ shoulders were, without a doubt, on the inside track.

One, two, three…

…and off we went to find ourselves a restaurant in order to get some lunch. It was almost impossible to find a table. Those places were packed.

We ended up in a nice-looking place but it turned out to be the wrong choice (not the one you see on the picture below). The waiters were awfully rude and the atmosphere thus wasn’t the most relaxed one. Well, you can’t always have good experiences, right? At least it is experience.

After this disaster and the huge crowd of people, we decided to go back home, brew a cup of tea and get back to the challenge. 

Although I haven’t had the best encounter with London’s China Town today, it was good to see the girls and get out for a couple of hours to refresh our minds and absorb some Vitamin D. It definitely adds to a good mood - and the oh-so needed energy.

Nevertheless, watch out, China Town. You might have beaten me this time but as we all know:
You always meet twice.

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