Cherished Moments

We tend to realize how precious oh so rare moments are only after they have passed.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-10-10 um 09.22.59.jpg

After R. and I said our “I do’s” at the San Diego courthouse.

My mom and granny were in town for the past four weeks and we enjoyed it so much. Building a life with my beloved better half overseas is something I could not be happier about and more thankful for. However, it comes with a price. I do not particularly miss Germany, but all too often I just miss having my family around. Having had mom and grandma stateside for the whole month of April basically was a true gift. Having the both of them here and having them see Rickey and I get married (the real deal church wedding will now have to be planned) was the greatest thing ever. I am so grateful for them. 


Taking granny and mom to dinner at the “Kaiserhof”, a German restaurant in Ocean Beach. 

My grandma and I are very close. We don’t have the means of communications like I have with the rest of the fam (talking through WhatsApp, Skype and whatnot). However, she has always been close to me even though I didn’t see her for almost one and a half years. She is just the cutest and most loving grandma you could imagine. Our relationship might be even more special because we actually write letters to each other - like, 11-page long letters. I love these kinds of things, it’s so personal and it allows me to just write away, to send my grandma something special because I know a handwritten letter is so rare nowadays, which makes it so much more special. And, of course, I love getting mail from her, too. 

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All the smiles - and three generations. 

Well, and then there’s my mom. Not much to say except: She’s my rock. Always. Forever. We are so alike that we can both get so absolutely high tempered (redhead blood), yet know too well how unconditional this mother-daughter love is. The older I get, the more I realize that. And I think she does too (duh, she’s my mom, of course she does and undoubtedly has realized that 26 years ago already). 

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Mom brought me to tears with her speech on Rickey and I’s wedding day. 

What makes me sad the most is knowing that my gramma was clinging on this thought of me coming home this summer so desperately - but if everything works out the way Rickey and I are planning it then I will, sad or not, not return to Germany. Due to certain circumstances it might not even be a visit this summer. It makes me have a lump in my throat and seeing them take off to the airport earlier was more difficult than I thought. 

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Granny being the first one to congratulate the newly weds. 

Quick and as painless as possible - that’s how I like farewells. An “Alright, see you soon!” usually does it for me. Not this time. 

And now I am sitting here, reminiscing about the past four weeks, what we have experienced, the special times we have had together. Sitting outside with a glass of wine or just going for a walk, heading over to dinner to their rental apartment, didn’t seem particularly special during those very moments - they are in retrospective, though. 

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I am so grateful that they were part of our big day!

I am hoping for all of my fam incl. granny to come out next January. Then, it’s a big, fat, German reunion (and Rickey hopefully has picked up on some more German by then, hehe). And my dad will be here, walking me down the aisle!! I am getting so excited already. 

Fam 3.jpg

Breakfast in Ocean Beach. 

If you’re still with me at this point, I am sending you a virtual “cheers” - raising my glass and continuing to sip on my wine, wallowing in memories. (Granted, I might or might not be slightly nostalgic right now…one thing I am really good at!)

Cheers to the people that make our lives so much more meaningful.