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I love change. I really do. Even though sometimes, change is pretty scary and you’re not really sure if it’s actually a good thing. But if you embrace it, see the new opportunities, there is always something positive about change - and all too often, you will soon come to realize how great it can be. 

Since my return from Germany last week, I have actually been on a real high because we moved offices. We had a pretty nice one in downtown San Diego but compared to where we moved, the old suite seems like an outdated concept. For real. 

We are now in this super hip, vibrant, and inspiring space. #wework it’s called and it’s a great place; a collaborative space with free coffee and beer (you heard right), fruit infused water, games, creative conference rooms, different offices and people, music, awesome communal areas, and lots of events going on. I love it. 

Honestly, I don’t think I have ever been more creative than the past few days. I love working from home and having flexible hours; but I know I will be hanging out and working here way more now, as it’s simply such a creative environment that barely feels like work - but gives you a completely different, new and motivational perspective on what you are doing. It helps so much with my brand development process for The Redhead Story, which I am currently in (expect a separate post on that soon, and announcements and such - it’s actually a real big thing that’s going on on my end right now and that I chose to invest in to further grow this creative content business; launch will be in 2018, but more about that shortly).

What I am actually saying is: Change can contribute so much to our creativity and especially productivity. In this case, it’s a change in work environment and this is huge. I see a big potential in collaborative spaces like wework in the near future; they pop up all around the world. It’s the future of working. Doing what you love, creating while being in a fun environment. How much better can it be?

Keep climbing. Always. 

Excuse me, I need to get another cup of creative (caffeine) fuel. 

To those who celebrate: Have a lovely Thanksgiving!

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