Brunch in Mystic, CT


I slept like a rock the night after our second jump and woke up to my alarm, blinking one eye open and looking out of the window right next to the bed, starring into the lush green woods. Both eyes open and I got utterly excited about this peace and quiet surrounding me. 

No airplane noise as we have it here in Ocean Beach, and also no cars driving by the house every once in a while. Just the leaves rustling in the wind and the birds happily twittering. I was in heaven. The countryside was unfolding right before me. This is when I realized how much I actually missed it. 

I walked downstairs - Aly was still sleeping - and making a cup of coffee. I stepped outside on the patio and made myself comfy. Bliss! It was relaxation for my soul. Everything seemed so peaceful. The woods were the backyard. Literally. I forgot how green the east coast is. 

I finished my coffee and this is when a sleepy Aly tapped on the screen door. We chatted for a while. It felt so good to be back! Well, strictly speaking I have never been to Connecticut before, but you know when you are on the east coast - and I got to spend time with one of my oldest, very best friends.

We made our bagels for breakfast and got ready for church in New London, about a 15-20 minute drive. The sun was out and both Aly and I very super cheerful. 

After service and a lot of new faces, we drove over to Mystic for brunch at the Engine Room. Great location with a rustic interior. See for yourself

We were about ten people including Aly’s brother and wife who I hadn’t seen in years. We were a merry lot, happily chatting away about old times, the future and - Germany. Haha. My eggs benedict (person weakness) were on point. 

After we paid the bill, Pat, Jason, Aly and I went for a stroll around Mystic - the name of the little town with wonderful New England charm. I was thrilled. 

We strolled up and down the street and along the mystic river, me being utterly excited about the cute, charming houses and snapping away as we went in and out the little shops.

Mystic has about 4,000 residents but quite a few visitors it seemed. Maybe because it was Sunday and the weather was nice. This is not a given over there. We are lucky here in San Diego and tend to take the sunshine for granted (I mean, how could you potentially not?). I try not to, though. 

Life seemed like a breeze. 

Mystic was once a major seaport. 

We headed back to Jason’s in the early afternoon, grabbed our stuff, and Aly and I headed toward Hamden, where she lives. 

We dropped our bags and got our hiking shoes on before we hopped back in the car to finish the day off with a quick hike.

Just look how absolutely lush green it is there! I was really amazed. Granted, I see palm frees all day and not a forests that are in full bloom. 

So dreamy. 

Dinner was a fancy one: leftover burgers, macaroni salad, and wine. We the put on our fuzzy socks, Aly made popcorn, and we watched a movie. Exactly my kind of night. I guess that’s one of the million reason why we are friends. 

This should also be my last night in CT before I would pick up my rental car and drive to New York (state), where my American love story began, way back in 2008…(stay tuned).