Brunch at The Breakfast Club & Camden Stroll

I had my first farewell yesterday and it let my stomach turn. 

But let’s start from the very beginning. 


Yesterday, me and Gabs decided to go and have a good breakfast - and see each other one last time for, well, a rather unknown period of time I can only say at this point.

We headed over to The Breakfast Club located in Camden. It resembles an American diner with an edgy vintage touch, if I should describe it and is very light and the young staff is super friendly. 

They only take bookings after 5pm so before that you simply have to pop up and hope to be lucky enough to get a table right away. This was the case.

We got the menu and had a hard time deciding what to order, for there’s simply too many delicious sounding options. 

We both went for the “eggselent” pancakes and the full breakfast smoothie, which was basically so filling that it could have been a whole meal itself. 


The three pancakes came with a fried egg as well as ham and maple syrup. Sounded like an untypical combination at first but is ohh so good. 

Afterwards, we went for a stroll around Camden.

I really like this part of town, especially because of the little alleyways, the cute cafés and restaurants and unique shops and vintage markets. Sometimes, it does not even feel as if you are in a mega city. 

Gabi and I stopped for coffee (iced vanilla latte, please) and then it was eventually time to say our goodbyes. 

It is hard to describe how I felt in this very moment but as Gabi said: “It will rather be a ‘see you soon.’”