Blaze of Lights in London Town

It is December. Time for Advent calendars. Even Christmas songs are legitimate now. And so is the Christmas decoration. 

England’s capital is shrouded in blaze of lights. It has wrapped a shining mantle around its shoulders, spreading the warmth and cosiness of this season.

We all know it is also the time where we start thinking about Christmas presents for our beloved ones - and this is connected to spending a more or less greater amount of money than we do the rest of the year. Usually. 

But still: Don’t we all want to let the Advent spirit of such a sparkling, diverse city sink in without spending too much money? Well, that’s what I think, at least. Here is the simplest tip: put on your boots, wrap up in a warm jacket and scarf (don’t forget your woollen hat and a pair of gloves) and get out there. Dive into the lively city and enjoy the sea of Christmas lights. 

This is exactly what I did yesterday. I needed to get out, I needed to get away from all this uni work. I only have one pre-Christmas season here in London so I figured it would be a shame not to take advantage of it. In the wink of an eye I headed outside, just in time, when it started to get a little darker outside (and this happens early these days).

First stop: Covent Garden. Isn’t it beautiful? I got in the best mood ever when I exited the tube station.

How Christmassy. Don’t you think? I looked around the Apple Market and watched this artist.

A choir was dedicating one of its songs to Mr. Rudolph - and here he is!

In the “Krug”, people were eating and drinking an having a good time (I took a photo of an empty one because I thought the group sitting in the other “Krug” might not have been too amused about it).

I continued my walk. And look what I found (I was running circles).

It’s the LEGO Christmas Snow Globe.

I have to admit the “Glühwein” is a little bit pricey. I stick to my hot chocolate anyway.

Overwhelmed and in a wicked good mood I headed over to Carnaby Street.

After that, I jumped over to Oxford Street for a stroll around.

Oxford Street was buzzing - as always. These are one of the moments when I realize that I am actually in such a brilliant city! 

I remembered - from one of the visits with my mom in the summer in order to go “flat hunting” - that there is a Vapiano in one of the side streets. 

I made myself comfortable for a while. And guess what? 

I even brought my work. Well, you need to change your surroundings every once in a while in order to stay productive. This is definitely one of the amenities of student life in London. Sometimes, it is better than the library. Sure, it really is.

It was a little strange sitting in this Vapiano knowing that I have been there with my mom and even with my grandma before, thinking about starting life in London - and now I am here. I have my daily routine. Friends. Things to do. Crazy. By the time I go home for Christmas, I have already lived here for three month. Time flies.