Be more.


Hello friends and happy new year. I hope you all had a good, healthy, fresh start, no matter if you partied hard or kept it laid back (like me, essentially). 

I gave up the new year’s resolution kind of thing because I am usually setting the bar unrealistically high and get extremely stressed out after only a couple of weeks, because I cannot stick to these huge goals, and then, as a logical consequence, get frustrated when I cannot keep what I promised myself. 

So, no resolutions, but life changes. The beauty of life changes? Well, you can change things right here, right now and go another route if you want to – without having to wait for another year to stop acting a certain way, to break bad habits, or to simply be more kind. It doesn’t matter what it is. I have decided that I want to change some major – maybe they are not even so absolutely major – things in my life. Here are 6of my “Be more” approaches I actively want to put into practice – starting today.

Be More Kind.

I believe this is one thing that, as I have realized throughout the past few weeks while I was reflecting upon my time here in San Diego, I really want to embrace more. A smile, holding the door open for someone, saying thank you and please – these are just minor acts of kindness but can make not our own lives but also those of others a tad bit better. I want to treat others like I want to be treated, knowingly I will not be able to stick to this one hundred percent, but it’s a start. 

Be More Grateful. 

Pause for a minute. Think. Even though you might just be about to complain about something (yes, I am no different), try to actively think about the good. What are you grateful for in your life? What good things, even though they might be minor, happened today? And: What lessons could you have potentially learned from something that might have gone even completely wrong today? It’s oftentimes the little things in life…we should be grateful for. I am grateful for a whole lot, for a number of people in my life, I just have to remind myself when I wallow in self-pity again. (Yes, it does happen.)

Be More Reflective.

I am guilty myself: I like to blame people before thinking if I could have maybe done something differently, if it’s maybe my fault. Quite a while ago, I reached a point when, all of a sudden, it hit me and I thought to myself: “Damn, Julia, think more. Maybe some negatives can quickly turn into positives because you simply change your behavior.” I want to actively pursue this kind of behavior: think more, reflect more, when something is bothering or annoying me, for instance. Maybe there’s a way I can change things, for instance, that help me approach those seemingly annoying things from a different angle. 

Be More Loving. 

Fun-loving, peace-loving – whatever it is, be more loving. So I am telling myself. Spread more positvity, we need it in our lives, in this world. What goes around, comes around. Don’t we all need more positive vibes in our lives? And how hard can it possibly be to say “Good morning” or simply smile more?

Be more Passionate. 

We all have goals, we all have things we work on, things that mean something to us. And even if we don’t, I consider it absolutely important to try to find meaning in whatever we do, even if we do not particularly like it – for the sake of developing a drive, a passion that’s worth working for. This year is very promising for me in that I am quite rapidly growing my copywriting activities (I really don’t feel comfortable calling it a business yet, though I guess this is what I wish it would be already). ´The road might be rocky but I have this one motivation, which keeps me going and embark on my goals. 

Be More Relaxed.

That’s easier said than done, you all might argue now. I agree. I also have to admit that this will be the most difficult thing to do for me: to be relaxed. Not just seem to be relaxed, but actuallybe relaxed deep down inside, being faithful that I am right where I should be, with everything happening the way it is supposed to. This will not be easy, by no means. However, I want to do more yoga for my inner balance, spend time outdoors as often as I can to clear my head, and find my inner peace and strength by going to church more. It’s hard to calm myself as I am a very fiery, moody, and temper-driven person. Yet, I know that things will go the right way if only I have a little faith. I am working on this inner peace. 

Any life changes you are attempting to make? What’s your “be more” attitude and greatest weakness, for that matter?