Barcelona Day III: Colorful City & Tapas

Unfortunately, day three was dawning. We hadn’t eaten tapas up to this point and this was our last chance to indulge in some small-portioned delicacies and eat like the Spanish do. But first, another sunny day was announcing itself with a colorful event. 


We got up quite early to make the most of this last full day. Having fueled ourselves with breakfast, put sunscreen on and thrown all the stuff needed for the day into our backpack (incl. more sunscreen, water, camera, city map and a few cookies - you get hungry when walking around all day), we headed out. 

First thing we saw was a very colorful Plaça d'Espanya with beats that could not be overheard. I was a little bit disappointed that I didn’t know about The Color Run taking place this particular Sunday morning. 

I had my running shoes on, already - naturally - but unfortunately the run had started about half an hour before we arrived at the plaça. 

Those people knew how to party - arriba! It would have been real good fun. So, we stood there for a little while being in a real dance mood and watched the DJ play his beats. 

(I promised myself that next time I’m on a city trip, I will look up similar events.)

We then continued to walk up to the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya where we had been on Friday, already. However, we wanted to also see it from the inside and that was one item on the list. 

While walking up, I looked back a few times still frustrated I didn’t know about the run before. The crowd was bouncing up and down and every 20 minutes - countdown included - the running folks were throwing color in the air. 

Well, and we decided to be exposed to a constant stream of some Catalonian art. (At this point I have to say that the museum really is worth the visit and this particular Sunday there was free entry, which is the case every first Sunday of the month. However, T. and I are not that much of art enthusiasts so we cannot spend hours at a gallery. Don’t get me wrong, a little bit of art here and there is certainly nice but if we have the choice we prefer walking the streets of a city rather than spending a lot of time looking at certainly great works. But each to his own, I believe.)

(That look is certainly an exaggerated one.)

I was surprised I know someone who has - or had - this in their room so at least this seemed familiar to me (I am such an art philistine, please bear with me). 

After who knows how long - and I was somehow not able to keep track of time that day - we decided to watch the colorful crowds down there who were just about to throw another load of color in the air. Arriba!

We were aimlessly roaming the streets of Barca for another couple hours. After a tight sightseeing schedule yesterday it was simply nice to just walk around the old town, take a photo here and there and let imagination go wild in that I was particularly wondering how much renting a room in this city would cost and which part of town I would like to live in for some time. 

Around noon we were getting a little hungry and since eating tapas was still on our list (I mean, how can you possibly leave Barcelona without having had real tapas?), we went off in search of the Cerveseria Catalana, a recommendation. 

Believe me, this place was buzzing and so we were happy that this seemed like a popular (local) place. Prices are not the cheapest but affordable in a vibrant atmosphere. 

Here is a selection of tapas we had (and the second picture makes me hungry each time I look at it). 

We had little burgers…

…as well as roasted mushrooms in garlic. Those are amazing!

Also, we went for the three cheeses. If you love cheese, that’s for you. 

Additionally, the camembert with almonds is very tasty. 

We also ordered potatoes with Aioli. 

Happy about the delicious tapas experience, we granted ourselves some ice-cream for dessert at an ice-cream parlour around the corner before slowly walking towards the harbor and La Rambla. 

We spent the afternoon eating churros (a must-try!), drinking iced-coffee and writing postcards while simply vegging out. The thought of having to leave Barcelona and going back to real life was making me a little sad. It’s a great city - based on what I was able to see the past three days.

In the evening, we dressed up and finished this city trip off in style. 

Barcelona, I’ve really come to like you and wouldn’t mind being back soon. 

Where have you eaten the best tapas so far? Have you been to Barcelona before? How did you like it? Share your impressions in the comments section below.