Back to London: 3 Days in the Big Smoke

I woke up to a grey, cold day, the world around me covered in frost. It was quiet outside, I just noticed the sound of a car’s engine from farther away. And then I thought: the silence you have in the countryside is precious. Enjoy it today. Tomorrow, it will all be different. 


Suddenly, my little heart started beating faster because I remembered what kind of day would be tomorrow…

London day! And to be precise, there are 3 days in the big smoke lying ahead of me filled with catch-ups, city strolls and graduation joy. Oh, and of course, “quiet” is not something I am associating with this city. I can barely wait to leave the airport and dive into the hustle and bustle. 

When I realized I will be on the plane to the city I called home for a year in less than 21 hours, I was starting to excitedly bounce up and down like a little child. 

I missed this view. Walks along the southbank have been one of my favorite things to do, especially on warm summer nights.

I still can hardly believe that this day was marking the end of almost 12 months: the day me and my fellow course mates had to submit our MA theses.

And it was a strange feeling after having handed in the last course work ever. 

After almost 6 months, it will be a great get-together and hopefully a wonderful ceremony officially marking the end of our great time as students.

A little nostalgic?


All I know is that I am grateful to be able to travel to London for this special occasion it will be for all of us who are attending the ceremony.

However, visiting London will always be something special. I assume those of you having travelled to this city before know what I am talking about…

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