Autumnal Sunday Spirit: Morning Stroll Through Hyde Park

There’s something about Sunday mornings in a big city - and big cities in general. Throw in a relaxed start to the day including a killer breakfast, a good dose of caffeine and shining sun that makes the rustling leaves look even more colorful, it couldn’t get much better. Not to forget a stroll through London’s famous Hyde Park. 


I woke up early that particular Sunday two weeks ago (that routine…) when my mom was still sleeping like a baby. I couldn’t blame her; the bedding of the Ace Hotel Shoreditch were pretty fluffy. I will give you a quick tour of that place in another post. 

So, what do you do on a Sunday morning, when the whole town still seems to be sleeping but you’re stuck in the early bird routine?

Over-sized bathrobe on and downstairs to the spa and fitness area! I had a good sweat on the agenda and thus spent a good amount of time in the Finnish sauna to relax my muscles. 

After having spent some time in the heat, tried the 1-2-3 in the shower and realized that my hair has probably never been softer, I wished mom a good morning with a cup of coffee. 

The rustic mug was exactly my cup of tea…no, should I rather say coffee?

And so I enjoyed a little more time in silence before we headed downstair for breakfast. This was easily my favorite part of the day. Always.

More coffee. 

We both had avocado on toast with poached eggs and a little chillie. We also shared French toast with slices of banana, maple syrup and honeycomb. The latter was so wonderfully sticky. 

Having fueled for the day, we were ready to embrace it to the fullest. We decided to take the bus instead of the tube as you actually get to see something. We reached our desired destination after a 30 mins ride. 

When we entered Hyde Park, I was blown away by its stunning colors that morning.  

I didn’t expect autumn still being this present on the first weekend in November and my little heart was bouncing up and down. 

Just look at that tree!

Some of the leaves technically have my hair color. 

Someone was very curious that morning and not afraid to come a little closer and see whether we had something in our hands he could technically nibble on. 

Sorry to disappoint you, little man. No nuts, no nothing. 

The light was exceptionally beautiful and surprisingly (well, not really), many people were out that morning. Elderly people, families, dog owners and their four-legged friends, couples - you name it. Everyone seemed to be so relaxed and happy, just re-energizing for a new week ahead and taking it slowly in usually so fast-paced London. 

Sundays are different. They are slow. 

We walked through the rustling leaves and my autumnal London dream became reality. I could totally shake the stress off and that nostalgic feeling and memories of my year in London became very present. How I love this city. It may be overly-expensive, it may not even be the cleanest of cities (no, surely not), but the atmosphere, historic vibes yet metropolitan feel and endless things to do and see make it such an exciting place to be. 

London has many faces and I yet have all of them to discover. This will take a while, which, again, means I will have to jump on a few more airplanes over to the island. Not that I would mind.

A good two hours, a cup of tea and endless mother-daughter talks later, we left Hyde Park behind…

…and I was off seeing my favorite curly-haired blondie J. near Regent’s Park. 

I wish all Sundays could be like this one. 

If you could choose one destination / place, where would you instantly spend an autumnal weekend?