Autumn in London's Royal Parks: When Life Slows Down

Autumn is, without a doubt, my favorite season of the year. The leaves change, nature is colorful and bright but at the same time, the sun sets earlier, the air is crisper and the clothes thus need to be warmer. The season of change is most-likely beautiful in many parts of the world.


Nevertheless, the nicest place to spend these few months - in my opinion - is in the United Kingdom, Great Britain, England, London. 

I thought I should dedicate at least one autumn post to a city - or rather a particular place - I have grown fond of during one year. However, the following post is a little more than just an ode to Greenwich Park. It’s about the fact that we should slow down in life, if only now and then. 

I arrived in autumn, last year, 15 September. London greeted me in all its glory and I quickly realized that autumn for me has never been prettier. The metropolis has plenty of green spaces and thus it is not surprising that about half of the city is wearing a green coat all year round. There is enough space to escape the hectic streets, to leave the hustle and bustle behind and find a place to simply think. 

For me, this has always been Greenwich Park, which was close to where I lived. Whether for walks or runs or simply a couple of hours to read, this royal park allowed me to experience a touch of nature in a city with about 8 million inhabitants. 

I was surprised by its autumn beauty. 

And I oftentimes just followed the little paths through the open space.

It’s when you can inhale life and re-energize, close your eyes, reflect upon life and then again dive into the hustle and bustle of London’s streets again - just to come back later to listen to the (almost) silence. 

It is funny how autumn literally symbolizes change. It’s as if nature frees itself from all the negativity that it might have accumulated throughout the past nine months (although we know it’s certainly not that). 

Many of us turn inward, want to leave the stress behind, slow down and enjoy a little bit of peace and quiet. And so did I - and that’s still the case - oftentimes during the colder months in London town. Oh, what a brilliant city. A place that changes as quickly as the leaves; a place that has at least as many faces as the leaves have color shades.

Autumn is a season of visible change. All too often we don’t realize or recognize the changes occurring around us. All too often we are the ones that go through a phase of transformation but are not even aware of it - and sometimes, it’s too late to go back afterwards. Just like the changes that are visible during the two, three months of autumn, we should slow down, look more closely at the things (happening) around us and then turn inward and reflect upon all this. 

We live life so fast nowadays. We fail to see and experience its beauty. We can only look under the surface if we pause every once in a while. The surrounding certainly helps. For me, this has always been Greenwich Park. 

We all need moments of silence that allow us to reflect upon life and re-energize: Where is your all-time favorite place for peaceful autumn walks?