Atmosphere is everything. If you have set the right ambiance for whatever you need to do, you can be so much more creative, so much more productive. And that’s what we all want, I simply assume. 

I have come to realize lately that I need to actively create the right atmosphere for myself before finally sitting down and typing away on my laptop. 

Funnily enough, I sometimes tend to be more productive when there is a certain buzz around me, like it is the case in a lot of coffee shops. I like to find myself a friendly corner, get a coffee or chai latte (depending on the amount of coffee I’ve had throughout the day) and just let the thoughts - then turned into words - come to my mind. 

Something about cozy coffee shops inspire me a lot. The homesy, cozy feeling I get by the way it might be set up and decorated; the subtle guitar and jazz music oftentimes playing; the smell of coffee beans, and the noise of the coffee grinder. 

It might be just that. 

Other times, like today, I like being in a rather quiet environment - home. Candles lit (I specifically love the maple, vanilla, and cinnamon scented ones), lights dimmed, and some soft piano music playing. Now, that my mind is so very much in fall mode, I have a mug of hot tea on the coffee table in front of me. 

That’s my jam. 

Atmosphere can be a total hit or miss for creative flow. It’s essential. It influences my mood, my mind - and thus emotions -, as well as my creativity. I love everything warm and cozy. It inspires me. 

What is your atmospheric jam?

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