Asisi Panometer: Leipzig 1813

About three weeks ago, I decided I needed to start seeing more of Leipzig since I will only be here for 3 months. I asked my boss what she would recommend doing and she told me about the “Asisi Panometer”. It’s art - and I am not much of an art person, to be honest with you - but it totally blew my mind. This is certainly not an abstract form of art. It’s real - as real as art can get.


On a Sunday late afternoon, T. and I decided to give it a go.

“Panometer” is a mix of “panorama” and “gasometer”, since the mega-picture is located in a former gasometer.

The artist and architect Yagedar Asis is creating panorama pictures that are up to 32 m high. His pictures are the biggest ones in the world.

You enter the great hall and find yourself surrounded by the scenes of Leipzig in 1813. In the middle of the hall there is a three-storey platform. Don’t be afraid of height (I am). You literally have an amazing view over the 19th century Leipzig.

The scenes are super real. 

And if you look close enough, you will realize how detailed everything is. 

This is taken from the first storey. 

It was really hard to capture the panorama the way we experienced it. You definitely have to see for yourself. 

We left the place being totally overwhelmed. 

You can currently visit Asisi exhibitions in many cities. Find out here.