Arriving in Barcelona: Getting Acquainted with the City

Not long ago, Mr. T. and I decided to chase the sun and see where people live life to the fullest - by the sea. We packed our little bag and hopped on a plane. Two hours later, we found ourselves standing in the heat. Hello, Barcelona!


Traveling with carry on is my preferred way of getting around. Thus, we could go right through and dive into the hustle and bustle of the big city. We spent six euros p.p. on the ride into town with Aerobes. Luckily, those coaches are very modern and air conditioning is definitely a wonderful thing when the sun is burning. Well, I don’t want to complain, for the sun’s rays lead to happy hormones! Happy, happy, happy - what we undoubtedly were. 

It’s hard to describe but I am getting utterly enthusiastic and a little hyper when setting foot on a new - at least to me - city’s ground. I am super excited to explore a new place on earth and the rush of adrenaline and smile on my face were huge. Excuse me, ‘are’ huge as just thinking about Barcelona gets me all excited. 

We got off the bus at the Plaça d’Espanya, basically a huge roundabout, and then immediately grabbed something to eat at the Focacceria around the corner. Our stomachs were rumbling like hell. From there it was only 3 minutes to the hotel, the Pestana Arena. I consider this the ideal city hotel. Sure, no hostel this time but every once in a while you need to grant yourself something…and the offer was a good one, so why not, we thought.

We checked into our hotel and I wasn’t disappointed about the view, on the contrary. I think this is quite authentic.

We changed into something more appropriate for the warmer temperatures (without the breeze I probably would have gotten a sunstroke - just kidding).

We set off to explore the surrounding area at around 3 pm to get acquainted with the city. Just walking around and getting an overview - which was quite overwhelming - is the best thing to do when just having arrived in a new city. At least I think so.

We made our way towards the famous and impressive Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya. Wait for it, the view gets really nice.

I instantly thought this a visitor friendly city, I mean, come on, escalators to cross the street?

I turned around and looked back on the Plaça d’Espanya a few times.

Thumbs up for perfect weather and holiday feeling deluxe. 

For a second I was thinking about just jumping into the water. But then I didn’t feel like having a personal wet t-shirt contest, so I just stood there and enjoyed the rather nice, cool breeze coming from behind.

Barcelona is comparatively green city and streets like this give you an idea of the quality of life. Barca - as some people call it - is the second biggest city in Spain and the capital of Catalonia, which is considered the richest part of Spain. I see why. We were told the government is apparently doing a lot to constantly improve the cityscape.

We continued our slow walk up to the museum.

The view got even better.

We weren’t in the mood to dive into art just now and so just walked around curious to see what else Barcelona has to offer.

Not even three hours in the city yet and I was already amazed by it. It’s kind of what I had when I traveled to Edinburgh, UK the very first time: an indescribable feeling but one that instantly made me feel at ease. I could (and still can) imagine living there for a certain period of time.

I honestly couldn’t wait to explore more of Barcelona.

No sooner said than done.

Can you see why I go into raptures about this city already? It has its charm. The little alleyways are the cutest and this is where you get a real taste of local life. Also, it makes this metropolis feel so small and inviting.

We continued wandering the streets for a few more hours, gazing at the lovely exterior, before getting caught in our first tourist trap. More about that shortly.

Have you been to Barcelona before? How did you find it? Share your experiences below.