An Afternoon Stroll Through Prague, Czech Republic

I have no idea how this could happen: I totally forgot about the photos taken in Prague in December. How could I? I assume there was so much on my mind, so much I wanted to write about and share with you that those pictures remained in their folder. Until now!


I blogged about the first impressions after having arrived in Prague but there was so much more I wanted to show you as the city is definitely a golden one - it does its name justice.

We strolled along the river being happy about the fact that the weather was doing its best for us. I couldn’t help it but be amazed by the beautiful architecture. 

Doors, no matter where you are, can be nice objects to take photos of. Since we traveled to Prague before Christmas, many of them were nicely decorated and certainly an eye-catcher. 

We reached the Old Town and stopped at the famous Charles Bridge. It wasn’t the smartest idea to go there in the afternoon. It was packed. You should go late at night or early in the morning. 

Therefore, we decided to leave crossing this renowned bridge for the next day and started exploring the the castle district and hiking up to the Castle.

But I quickly had to snap a picture from the bridge as the view was just  too nice not to. 

We explord Prague’s castle district, which is stunning. Since it was a Saturday, obviously, it was very crowded, as well. But that’s the thing with working during the week: you have to make the most of two free days. Thus, I rather see a new city that is packed that stay at home and not see something new at all. 

The crêperie was very tempting. Be honest with me, I bet you would have stopped for a bite, as well! 

On the other side of the road we spotted a lady who was selling Trdelník. T. and I had no idea what it was but it smelled like cinnamon. Therefore, we figured that it must be something we like. 

Culture is about the food, as well. A lot, I personally think. Trdelník has its heritages in the Czech Republic, inter alia, and is a renowned sweet treat. Rolled dough is grilled and then topped with sugar, cinnamon or whatever else they can offer you. 

It tastes amazing! 

We were excitedly nibbling at our sweet treat while walking further up the hill until we finally reached the top of it. We were rewarded with this view over Prague. 

It is also where the castle is located. 

Prague sure is worth the visit. When the sun started to set, we went downtown as we had one more mission for the day: seeing the famous Old Town Square Christmas Market.