All-Time Favorite Yet Fascinating Destinations You Should Not Miss This Year

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From jaw-dropping waterfalls and relaxing turquoise clean water, to the dancing lights of big cities and mysterious old-aged landmarks, the world has truly a lot to offer to anyone with the big desire to get out of their comfort zones. And if you are among the privileged few to travel the world, we urge you to include the following 5 countries in your list. 

1. Australia

Heaven must have loved Australia so much that it blessed the place with overflowing natural wonders and jaw-dropping manmade structures. From the glittering white sand of Whitehaven Beach to the breathtaking Sydney opera, Australia is never out on the list of the world’s most beautiful places to visit. In fact, July 2014 statistics from Tourism Australia records a whopping 6.7 million visiting tourists. You could just imagine the flock of people enjoying every bits and pieces of the place. During summertime, one could take a plunge to Great Barrier Reef and enjoy a close encounter to playful marine animals or go sightseeing to numerous natural parks including the famous Uluru Rock which is believed to be about 700 million years old. One could also take a stroll to several great wine regions to savour the finest liquors that are unique to the place. Base jumping, surfing and cycling are also among the major activities in Australia that you should not miss.  

2. United States

What makes United States a real standout to many travellers? Well, apart from the famous natural parks and countless road trips you can do, the country is a home of varied cultures which is very interesting to many storytellers. While the daytime reveals the fantastic beauty of the Grand Canyon and the tropical paradise of Hawaii, the night time offers an equally impressive sight when the big cities including New York and Washington’s skyscrapers are lit up. As based from the record of Office of Travel and Tourism Industries, United States received approximately 34,419,016 arrivals in 2014. Foreign visitors of the United States are people with different background and heritages including Europeans which are required to present an Esta permit to enter the country as a tourist. In the US, there’s something for everyone and much more when you dive into the pleasures of the locals.

3. United Kingdom

There’s pretty much everything inside this small area where locals normally enjoy a “we got time” kind of lifestyle. United Kingdom, apart from being a famous home to several century-old castles and universities, is one of the most influential centres of finance and culture. When climate is at its best, you see thousands of tourists enjoy the scenic mountains of Lake District, the grandeur of The Tower of London which is now the home to the British Crown Jewel, the ever famous Big Ben, and the irresistible beauty of Windsor Castle. The country is also adored for its peaceful and gentle locals and serve of sumptuous foods that are perfect for anyone with adventurous taste buds.

4. Switzerland

When your plans to enjoy the winter have failed you, you can always visit Switzerland and take all the winter pleasures till you drop. Famous for its snow-capped mountains which are accessible via cable car or cog railway, this country is your perfect site for skiing and snowboarding. And just when you thought it’s all that seems interesting to the place, you may be surprised to learn that Switzerland is also the ultimate destination of parties and several merry-making. The country also boasts a number of high and big waterfalls that have served as inspirations to poets and painters. Among the most popular is the Rhine Falls which you can venture through the mountains and visit at night. Another interesting place to visit is the Ticino. It is known to be Switzerland’s sun lounge and is situated between Germany, France, Austria and Italy, making it an excellent place to discover different cultural activities no matter where you decide to unpack.

5. India

Despite the hunger and poor security that infest some parts of India, many travellers are still in love with the beauty of the place. India, being a vast South Asian country with diverse terrain is enjoyed by several ethnic groups coming from various neighbouring countries. Considered as one of earliest civilizations on Earth, every corner of India is a stirring reminder of the colourful and historic past of their race. Skyscrapers and loud party songs are less in the place; rather, you see intricately carved temples serving as their worship sites. One famous temple that has drawn millions of tourists in the past years is the Brihadeeswarar Temple in Thanjavur which was completed in 1010 CE. India is also a home to several world-renowned scientists and philosophers including Mahatma Gandhi. Although warnings on women abuse are circulated to the place, Indians are known to be hospitable and noticed to preserve much of their culture and values despite the changing time. While finding yourself inspired and refreshed spirituality through yoga and meditation, you will also find yourself enjoying India’s vast selection of cuisines which normally are spiced.

Don’t restrict yourself to that old faded room. Get out and explore the world – there’s absolutely a lot of great things to see. Consider the places we suggest and bring that happy kid back again.

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