A Sweet Treat for the 4th


On Sunday, our sweet boy was in for a real treat. It was a special day and naturally, it had to feel special for him. 

It was our fur baby’s 4th birthday. Wohoo! 

Okay, so, some of you might shake their heads in disbelief right now (and that’s okay) but let me tell you: Never ever have I been in a place before where the love for dogs is sheer overwhelming. Welcome to San Diego. I am not kidding. 

I myself grew up with dogs and know how much joy they can bring and ultimately, how much of a family member they become over time. Yet, San Diego (maybe even California at large) steps it up a notch. I feel like almost everyone has a dog (or two…or three) and sometimes even treats them better than people. Take our gym as an example. CrossFit Humanity where Rickey and I work out welcomes dogs with open arms. They just hang out and watch us do our thing. So ya, there’s a lot of dogs here in San Diego that live a pretty darn good life. 

Now, as I mentioned, it was Rocco’s 4th birthday on Sunday and Rickey - I am going with the flow and sometimes have to laugh at how he acts around him - went all out. Gotta make it a special day for him. Okay then! Let the festivities begin. 

After he got back from diving (fishies first), we grabbed our sunglasses (and I sprayed my sunscreen on, duh!), and went down to the dog beach. 

Well, I didn’t feel my best that day but joined my two men anyway. Hanging in there!

We walked the little trail from the street through the dunes…

…and jumped through the rather hot sand. It’s been warm these days. Who would have thought (haha)?

We went a little farther down where it wasn’t that crowded to give little man some well-deserved play time. 

It always makes my heart so happy seeing these two fool around. 

Rocco was all in. Literally. 

He ran along the beach, over and over again, chasing his ball. Ain’t no one stopping him when he’s got his wheels on. Ha!

We were back in the early afternoon, after our four-legged friend got a bath and rid of all the sand (I hate sand in the house - just saying). We had a couple people over for burgers and hot dogs (hot…dogs…not this time, not literally - ha.ha. I bet no one laughed at this awful joke). 

Hanging out in our backyard is one of my favorite things to do. 

And then Rickey brought out the surprise. DOGGY CAKE for Rocco’s birthday! Oh gosh, I didn’t even know this was a thing here, let alone that we got this delicious looking cake from an actual doggy bakery. A DOGGY bakery. And they have ice-cream also. For dogs!

Happy birthday, sweet boy. We even sang him a birthday song. OH gosh, you guys! You’ll probably laugh at us right now. 

We allowed little man a first taste of his cake…

…before his daddy cut out a piece for him so he wouldn’t ruin the whole thing at once. 

Aaaand all in! Again. Hmm, yumm-ay. 

He was very thorough, not allowing for any leftovers. 

But then it was finally time for our human treat. 

Time for s’mores - my all American thing to do and so fun with our own fire pit in the backyard. 

We chatted and laughed (and I even felt a little better) and got our sweet tooth going. With German chocolate. The one thing I will always be patriotic about. I love you, ‘Merica, but you just lose on the chocolate front. 

And then we called it a day - a happy day. Little man crashed and so did I. A pretty sweet day it was.