A Second Chance: Joys of Adoption


For those of you who haven’t heard yet: Rickey and I adopted. It’s a little boy. A furry one. And he has four legs (well, technically 3 and a half if you will, but I’ll get to that in a little bit). We are over the moon and couldn’t be happier with our new family addition. 

You know, it’s crazy how much joy dogs can bring you. 

Why did we adopt a four-legged friend?

Our American Boxer Rocco has been fine for the past four years. However, Rickey started talking about wanting to have a buddy for him. I like dogs - and grew up with them - but honestly didn’t want to have a second dog Rocco’s size, especially when we are both gone different times during the day, and when we travel we really have to make sure it’s either somewhere we can take him/them or find someone to look after them. So, we kind of left it at that for a while. 

Then, a few weeks ago - maybe it was a calling, I don’t know what else to call it -, it hit me: a friend for Rocco would be wonderful. How about we just compromise - a little dog, a rescue (that was clear for both of us), and a little buddy that would be more mine (you know, just like Rocco is technically more Rickey’s in the sense that dogs always have this one particular person that they consider their alpha), and that I could take all the places with me. 

Said and basically done; I was ecstatic, so was Rickey, and I started my search, eager to find an abandoned little soul out there that would fit well into our family and that we could ultimately give his “furever” home. 

How did we go about it?

I started looking up dog rescue places here in San Diego city and quickly narrowed it down to two dogs that - based on the description - could potentially be a good match. They were both from Second Chance Dog Rescue San Diego. I was a little nervous taking the next step aka filling out the adoption form (I was about to make a responsible decision together with my husband), which needed to be done first in oder to get in touch with the doggies’ foster families and to provide some detailed info about how we live, if we have dogs, etc. I totally get that; they want to be sure we are actually capable of giving a little one a great home. 

One thing I personally like about Second Chance Dog Rescue San Diego is the fact that all dogs are currently in foster homes; they don’t have a shelter. I am aware that the ones in the shelter are doggies that need a home the most, yet, we do currently have a dog and knowing a rescue dog does get along with another pet (or even numerous ones) in a foster home is a big plus and was very important for us. 

I filled in all our information - and hit the “send” button. 

What did the (adoption) process look like?

It was a Saturday and a day later, both foster families got in touch with me. We set up a meet and greet with with the first little guy, Victor is his name, but long story short: We hope this little man finds his furever home soon, but we all just didn’t really click. 

A day later, I met little Pancho, a Jack Russel Terrier mix, at OB dog park. It was love at first sight. He is about a year old and apparently he had a fracture when he was really young, which didn’t heal right. So, now he is limping. However, he is not in pain and runs around like a crazy, happy, cheerful doggy. He stole my heart right away and there was an initial connection. 

Later, Rickey and I talked it through and it was pretty clear pretty quickly: We are going to make the move and adopt the little 3 and a half legged furry friend (he has all four legs, just to avoid misunderstandings here). 

I emailed Pancho’s foster mom to set up another meeting with them at our home, to see how he would do and get along with out dog Rocco. She said she was going to bring the transfer form and if everything was fine, we could keep him that night. Long story short: Everything went wonderfully and so Mr. Pancho stayed the first night in his furever home, giving me all the cuddles. We went on an extensive trip to Petco that evening to buy all the essentials and some. 

Currently, we are in a 2-week trial period, meaning that we have adopted him already but if things wouldn’t have worked out with him we could give him back to his foster home during this time frame and get 50 percent of the $250 we paid for him back. But no, we will definitely not do that as everything is simply perfect and the little man is not just dearly loved by us but also gets along so well with his big brother Rocco. He is just the best match we could have asked for.

On Friday, when the trial period is up, we will register his chip on our name and officially be his new home. This is when Second Chance Dog Rescue will also give us the complete medical and vaccination records. 

It’s that simple, but has such a big impact on a life of a furry friend. Adoption literally is a second chance. 

How is he doing in his new home?

Now, please meet Pancho! He is the sweetest little fella who has been warming up pretty quickly to us (and doesn’t leave my side if he doesn’t necessarily have to). 

It is so great to give a rescue dog a home, such a sweet little soul. Pancho is so curious, friendly, and not at all limited although his left back leg doesn’t quite work a hundred percent. He is such a snuggle bug and already so attached to me. It’s amazing to see how he has changed - to the positive - within a week and a half. To bond and communicate even more, I will sign us up for a basic training class shortly. 

We are excited to be welcoming this little man home. 

Second Chance Dog Rescue San Diego, we are so happy to have found little Pancho. 

Have you ever thought about adopting a pet or even given a rescue dog, cat … a home?