A Parcel from Home, a Box of Love

Today, a not-so-little something was handed over to me. Excited like a little kid, I ran into the living room and quickly opened it. 

My eyes must have been sparkling: a box full of treasures.

There’s just one thing I can say at this point: Mommas are the best.

This, without a doubt, added to my Advent mood. As if mum had known: the goodies in there are desperately needed because it is this time of the term where essay writing is first priority. Who is not in need of a sweet snack whilst wading through a flood of literature and other sources? Ahhaa, that’s what I thought. ;)

Plus, I can proudly announce that I. Am. Prepared. My room is now fully decoraded. Not too much, not too little. Just the right amount of candles etc. 

Now, you got a glimpse of what’s in this “care package” sent to me with loving care. How about I zoom in so you know what I have adorned my room with and - most importantly - what will be heavy on my waistline, yet so good for my soul? But be prepared: this is making you want to snuggle up in bed, turn on the chain of Christmas lights and snack on all those yummy sweets while watching a movie. 

Shall we start?

All the Christmas goodies I could ask for! Momma knows best.

As for the decoration, I now have enough little things helping me to spread the Christmas spirit to my room.

This little star is all aglow as I write and the light creates such a warm, cosy atmosphere. Lovin’ it.

 And here is the food for the nerves.

This bar of chocolate really made me grin because it comes in form of a mood barometer. Now I can just show off my mood by not having to say anything - I simply pick a smiley-piece of chocolate and people will know how to handle me - hopefully. But I am afraid this bar of chocolate is not gonna last too long. Oh well, it’s that time of the year. It’s all legitimate.

And this is for the cookie monster: Hi, that’s me. (Nope, I am not advertising the brand, I am simply presenting two of my favorite kinds of Christmas cookies.)

Marzipan, a mini-stollen, pralinés, Dominosteine and banana Baumkuchen are in on it. Keeping it German. A touch of home is allowed, I guess?

Last but not least, an Advent calendar is something that never gets old. When I was little - and I am still that young at heart - I was super excited for the first day of December to finally arrive because this meant a little treat every single morning for 24 days. I am still a huge fan of Advent calendars. My mom knows that, obviously.

As much as I enjoy living and studying in London, getting a little surprise from home especially this time of the year is always something special.

Now, if you’ll excuse me: I am off with my goodie bag and deciding what to start with. Any favorite Christmas sweets from home - wherever that might be?

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