A Girls' Shopping Day in London

From Hamburg to London: I am back in England’s lively capital after a 3-week relaxation-family-Christmas break. But tell you what, I am all recovered and ready for the second half of the chapter “London Life - Studies and Adventures” - or words to that effect. I guess this also means new blog entries (not that you have missed being fully up-to-date with what I am doing…).

These 3 weeks back home flew by. “Is it already the beginning of the new term?”, I have kept asking myself since yesterday morning when I had to say goodbye to my parents and all the beloved ones, including T. I don’t like farewells (who does?); saying goodbye is never easy. This is why I like to get this over with as fast as I can. No drama, no tears (easier said than done). Now I am looking forward to all the things that are yet to come and this means “focus.” Focus on new challenges, fun times with the people I have taken a shine to, as well as new experiences. 

Nonetheless, it was a strange feeling: never ever have my emotions been so mixed when leaving. I felt an emptiness inside, yet I was all ready to dive into the London life. Well, I already have lots of plans and once tomorrow has begun, the routine will quickly catch up with me. I know that.

Now that I am experiencing this I-am-back-what-am-I-doing-with-myself blues, I thought I should tell you about the three days my very best friend Rena, whom I have known since primary school, visited me. 

The autumn term was officially over and it was time to enjoy the pre-Christmas season. I picked her up from Stratford the night of the 16th of December. I had managed to book the same flight back and so our plan was to enjoy three days together in London and after that fly back home into the arms of our two men. We hadn’t seen each other for exactly three month and so the pleasure of seeing each other again was enormous.

The next morning we were ready for a day in London. The sun greeted us friendly and off we went to Oxford Street which should be our first port of call for the day. Later on, we made our way to…

…exactly, Notting Hill. I have not been there before either and so this was something new for me, as well. Actually, we were looking for the blue door but could not manage to find it. Never mind, we continued our walk and gazed at the colourful houses. Don’t you think it looks beautiful? You just gotta be in a good mood.

We laughed along and finally reached the world’s famous Portobello Road. Honestly, I never thought that it would be this long. Alice’s is just an example of what awaits you there. All the little unique vintage shops and street sale…we did not know where to begin. Of course we found some goodies for ourselves as we just could not leave them behind. Know that feeling? ;-)


After having spent ages in Notting Hill, we made our way over to Harrods. This department store is always worth a visit. But before that, we quickly went to Daunt Books in Holland Park. Although it is not the biggest bookstore of the five stores they have, it makes you want to buy loads of reading equipment and then snuggle up on the sofa with a hot beverage and start reading, getting lost in the world of the imaginary. 

See my bag? It was already heavy enough but hadn’t reached the limit yet.

After having experienced a moment of schock (shame on this huge spider), we finally made it to Knightsbridge.

As we were desperately in need of a snack and re-energizing hot chocolate, we jumped over to Starbucks for a quick break.

When we left the coffee shop, Harrods was shining bright. What a beauty.

Having strolled around Harrods for a while, we decided not to go home but back to Oxford Street. Selfridges is where we still wanted to go and so our feet had to bear with us just a little longer.

Finally, it was time to head back home. Painting the town red for about 10 hours is quite tiring. Can you imagine? And so we just grabbed some dinner and hopped on the train back home, being packed with bags full of Christmas gifts. (By the way, all presents were very much appreciated - uff!)

All in all, it was a day of shopping, finished off with pyjamas, tea and the movie Notting Hill in bed. 

Will you wait for tomorrow? A busy day is yet to come.
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